Otakon - 2003
AN Entertainment

by George Phillips,
Company Representative: John Oppliger

AN Entertainment had no new licensing announcements to make today, but Oppliger did state they do have other projects lined up. Unfortunately, they are unable to make any announcements yet because the contracts have not been finalized. Instead of talking about new titles, Oppliger focused on providing extra details about their plans for their already announced titles and answering questions.

Miami Guns is a thirteen-episode TV series that Oppliger described as “50% Dirty Pair, 50% Excel Saga.” Production material is currently arriving, and the show should be put out sometime next year. It was released in Japan on four DVDs, and AN Entertainment would like to release it on three.

The Japanese licensor is providing an English translation of the script, and AN Entertainment will be working from this script as a base for its own final script.

They will not be making the first episode of Miami Guns available to download online (as they did with Risky Safety) because they are contractually obligated not to do so.

Risky Safety DVD 2 will be released on September 23rd with a Risky Safety fanart gallery. They are looking into including a fan music video with DVD 3 (due in November), but these plans are still tentative.

AN Entertainment holds the broadcast rights for Risky Safety (They are allowed to license it to North American TV stations / networks for broadcast), but they have not yet started moving on it. Oppliger said that if fans would like to see Risky Safety on TV, they should ask for it.

AN Entertainment believes viewers are intelligent and can understand more literal translations. Thus, they kept some Japanese terms in the English dub. Their translation was based on a fansub by Sachigumi. However, Oppliger also pointed out they made many changes to the script in order to bring it closer to the Japanese script and maintain the many puns and cross-title references (to other Anime) that were in the original.

As was mentioned at AX, An Entertainment would like to provide a collector's box with volume three of Risky Safety. "We would like to make a free box with Risky DVD 3, but it depends on sales. It's still very tentative."

Regarding Jungle wa itsumo Hare nochi Guu, "We love the show, and want to see the show released in America, but we do not have the translation license.”

Regarding Manga and merchandise licensing, “We're interested in all aspects of Japanese pop culture. At the present time we will be focusing on anime, but we may see more [diversity] in the future.”

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