Anime Boston 2005
Anime Boston - Bandai Entertainment

by Christopher Macdonald,
Studio Representative - Jerry Chu

Bandai Entertainment made no new licensing announcements at Anime Boston. Their panel started off with a number of trailers for upcoming Bandai releases, including:

While no trailer was available for Mars Daybreak, it should be on Bandai's website within a week.

All 13 episodes of Avenger will come out in a single release, with a collector's tin box for $29.98. This was a special arrangement.

Chu then spoke about Bandai's current co-production deals, Eureka 7 and IGPX. Eureka 7 is being co-produced with Studio Bones, and will cover multiple platforms, centered around the anime. There will be manga, videogame and soundtrack releases. All aspects of the property are expected to be released in North America. The anime will be 50 episodes in length.

IGPX is a co-production between Bandai Entertainment, Cartoon Network and Production I.G Regarding concerns that the title might be "dumbed down" for western audiences, Chu immediately stated that this would not happen by pointing out that the Cartoon Network producers are working closely with Production I.G to make sure that the show will appeal first and foremost to Japanese fans. The production budget is on par with that of Stand Alone Complex, so fans should look forward to similar quality animation. Clips of IGPX will be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con next month. The series is expected to debut on Cartoon Network this fall.

Regarding Bandai Manga, Chu said that the company was looking to go about business in a different manner than what fans are used to from North American manga studios. While Bandai Manga will do traditional licensing, their focus will be on original products by Japanese manga-ka and based on already existing, popular anime titles. He expects to make a "huge" announcement regarding the label sometime in the coming week. Releases should start this summer, perhaps in August.

A Scrapped Princess empty box for the entire series will "more than likely" be available with the last volume.

As with Stand Alone Complex, 2nd Gig will have Special Edition releases with DTS and packaged extras. Bandai is looking at bundled figurines (Tachikoma were given as a possible example) for the SE releases. 2nd Gig will be broadcast on Cartoon Network.

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