Anime Expo 2005
Anime Expo - Manga Library

by Will Jang,

Anime Expo opened a 24 hour manga library this year. In contrast to much of the craziness around the con, the manga library was a quiet place for attendees to kick back and read. The manga library held over 600 different titles like FLCL, Marmalade Boy, xxxHOLiC, Dear Boys, Fruits Basket, Hikaru no Go, etc. It was perfect for revisiting your favorite anime series in a different format. There were plenty of less popular manga to be read as well, such as Alichino, Boys over Flowers, Blade of Heaven, Cromartie High School and so on.

There was a steady stream of attendees filing in and out of the library. The library held up to 30 attendees at a time. There was usually a short line consisting of half a dozen attendees. The line didn't become too long thanks to the library's check out policy. Attendees could check out up to two books at a time for a maximum of two hours. Thankfully there wasn't anyone misusing the library as a free hotel room.

The library was set in the Marriot, near the video rooms, console gaming, and arcade gaming. The temperature inside was pleasantly kept in the 70's, thanks to the room being spacious and well ventilated. It was quiet, similar to a real library with everyone absorbed in their manga. The manga library turned out to be a nice alternative for attendees to rest their feet and voice before reentering the fold.

The best real estate in the manga library: the Lazy Sofas.

The friendly staff of manga library. They were full of patience and manga knowledge.

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