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by Mikhail Koulikov,
Anime Crash
Studio Representatives: James Veronico, Tasayu Tasnaphun

James Veronico opened the panel by arguing that licensing alone is no longer able to support the anime industry. According to him, the only way for anime companies to thrive in the current market is by being directly involved in producing the titles they distribute. One benefit of co-producing is that it will help circumvent the problem of different companies holding rights to different aspects of anime properties, such as music, videogame adaptations, and merchandise.

After being approached by a Japanese production company, Anime Crash has begun work, as a co-producer, on the 26-episode series Shiden. Anime Crash staff is directly involved in the production process, working on tasks such as vehicle design. Since it is a co-producer, Anime Crash holds all broadcast and merchandising rights for this title outside Japan. Negotiations for placing Shiden on an unspecified U.S. TV or cable channel have already been completed, and a videogame is being discussed with potential publishers. The DVD release will follow the broadcast (or cable airing). The exact delay between the broadcast or airing and the DVD release will be based on discussion with the TV or cable company that the show will first appear on. Anime Crash will not accept any attempts by a TV station or cable channel to edit Shiden in any way, with the exception of edits necessary to comply with Federal Communications Commission regulations. The TV premiere of Shiden may take place in Japan first, with the US premiere to follow some time later, but it is possible that the reverse will occur, and it will actually air in the US first.

The other title Anime Crash has been involved with recently, Geisters: Factions of the Earth, is on hiatus. The Japanese company that produced the series has gone out of business, and Anime Crash has been unable to contact it or receive any material past the episodes already released.

In addition to Shiden and Geisters, Anime Crash will be releasing Olympus Guardian, an original 39-episode animated series produced in South Korea that is based on stories from Greek mythology. The company is also negotiating for the rights to produce an anime or “anime-style” series based on the Micronauts series of toys.

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