Otakon 2005
Central Park Media

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Central Park Media
Representative: Peter Tatara

New licenses: Munto 2, Animation Runner Kuromi 2, Outlanders (previously released on VHS by L.A. Hero; CPM announced the license to retailers in late 2004), and Armored Trooper Votoms. Of these, Votoms will be released as a complete box containing all fifty-two episodes, while the other three are all one-volume OVA's. New additions to the Anime 18 (hentai) catalog include Angel Blade, Crimson Climax, Square of the Moon, Temptation, and Night Shift Nurses volumes 3 (due out in September) and 4 (in October). CPM will also be publishing two new manhwa - Angel Shop and Kung Fu Jungle Boy.

The DVD of Otaku Unite!, the independently-produced documentary on the North American anime convention scene that CPM recently licensed will include a gallery of photos of cosplayers taken at conventions, including Otakon.

Prices for the box sets of Patlabor will be set at $30 for the two OVA boxes and the third TV series box, and $40 for the first two TV boxes.

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