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Otakon 2005
Media Blasters

by Bamboo Dong,
Media Blasters
Representative: John Sirabella

The Media Blasters panel began by answering questions from the audience. During this time, it was revealed that Media Blasters was planning on releasing UMDs next year. They will also be getting into PC and Game Boy games, but no titles have been mentioned yet. However, Sirabella did say that they were “looking at [their] own titles first,” meaning that the games would most likely be for properties that they already have the licenses for.

When asked about the Phantom DVD (which has been delayed until November), Sirabella commented that he didn't think Media Blasters would be able to use all of the Japanese extras. However, there is a possibility that it might be packaged with the game, which is being released by Hirameki.

The Oh! My Goddess TV artbox will be a foil box that includes the phone strap mascot that was released in Japan. The company is certain that it will definitely make street date.

As for upcoming releases and future plans, the Rurouni Kenshin arcs will be re-released in boxes, retailing somewhere between $60-70 each. Twelve Kingdoms will also be offered in a Digipak. In response to a question, Sirabella said that he didn't foresee anymore episodes of the series being made.

There is no news on a second season of Berserk, but Media Blasters will be making more merchandise for the series, including a Griffith plush. And, on the merchandise front, the limited edition release of Grenadier was supposed to come with a pillowcase, but because of timing and the poor quality of the prototype, it was cancelled.

As far as other licensing tidbits are concerned, Sirabella said that Media Blasters will probably release the new Gunparade March series when it comes out.

When someone asked if Media Blasters would ever license the MPD-Psycho manga series, it was revealed that another company has already acquired the rights for it.

Sirabella mentioned that the company's Tokyo Shock and Kitty labels were doing very well and have been reporting “very good” numbers this year. Media Blasters has been looking into Japanese drama series for the first imprint, but has run into some licensing problems. One of the titles that they have looked at is the GTO live action series.

To clarify one of their live action properties, they have the licenses to the four newest Kekko Kamen episodes, but none of the earlier ones. Also, while they have tried to get the rights to Ryuhei Kitamura's Godzilla: Final Wars, the bidding price is now too high. Sirabella stipulated that he didn't think any independent company would be the one ending up with the license.

Also, to date, the most successful Media Blasters property of all time has been Invader Zim.

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