San Diego Comic-Con International 2005
Comic-Con 2005 - Del Rey Manga

by Sean Broestl,
Dallas Middaugh, Betsy Mitchell

The Del Rey panel began with the introduction of their two new manga acquisitions: School Rumble and Kagetora.

Following the new manga announcements, the rest of the panel was Q&A and information and news about current releases.

Tsubasa will be between 15 and 20 volumes before it is finished.

Negima had a translation issue with the first volume where “1000 Master” was translated as “Southern Master”. This will be corrected in future volumes of the manga, and future printings of the older volumes.

Del Rey has several series coming out right now, and had different things to say about each. Basilisk will be five volumes. While the subject matter is mature, it's not as much so as the accompanying anime.

-Othello vol 5 will be released in September.
-Genshiken vol 2 comes out in July.
-Love Roma vol 1 will be released in August 2005.
-Ghost Hunt, a novel by 12 Kingdoms author Fuyumi Ono, will be out in September.

The panelists were asked if Del Rey was interested in releasing a Shojo Beat or Shonen Jump-style manga magazine. Middaugh said that there's interest, but no further information can be announced at this time.

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