Anime Expo 2006
Del Rey Manga

by Carlo Santos,
Panelists: Dallas Middaugh, Tricia Narwani, Mitsumi Miyazaki

Del Rey announced no new acquisitions at their panel but called attention to their upcoming releases. The Tsubasa Character Guide is due out in November 2006, as well as the the one-volume "shoujo version" of Train Man. Other notable releases include the Kouga Ninja Scrolls novel (upon which Basilisk is based) and Gacha Gacha being shifted to the Mature line from Volume 6 onwards.

When asked about related media like artbooks, Middaugh said that Del Rey was interested in these fields but had no concrete plans, while other concepts like limited edition releases (such as Tsubasa hardcovers) and an anthology magazine would require more financial resources. The company also has two original manga series being planned right now, with creator contracts currently being worked out.

Middaugh also commented on the state of the publishing industry and Del Rey's unique position as a branch of Random House, the world's biggest publisher. The company takes special care to monitor the content of their manga titles, in order to avoid raising the alarm of watchdog groups, but at the same time, Middaugh insists on avoiding editing as much as possible. The current practice is to label and shrinkwrap titles that contain questionable content.

Several audience members said that they had found poor print quality in recent volumes. Middaugh recommended that they e-mail the company directly so that these problems can be caught as soon as possible.

The panel ended with a box of various Del Rey titles being given away for free, which resulted in a mad dash for the panelists' table.

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