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New York ComicCon
NYCC - Viz Video

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Representatives: Anthony Jiwa, LiSA Coppola, Gonzalo Ferreyra

Through the rest of 2006, the majority of Viz Video titles will fall under either the Shonen Jump Home Video or the Shoujo Beat Home Video imprints. The first SBHV title will be Full Moon wo Sagashite, to be released on a quarterly schedule with the first volume due on June 27. There will be four episodes per volume, and since the songs in this series are so crucial to the overall plot, they will not be dubbed over.

Shonen Jump Home Video titles will include:
- Hikaru no Go
- One Piece, which Viz will be distributing for Toei. The first two DVD's will have three episodes each, increasing to five per disc starting with Volume 3.
- Naruto - first volume of the Cartoon Network dub out on 3/28 with four episodes per volume. The second volume will follow about three months later, and starting Q3 of this year, the release schedule will be accelerated. Uncut subtitled episodes will be released in box sets of thirteen episodes each, on three DVD's, at an MSRP of $49.98. The first box will be out on July 4, and the second on December 6. Both sets will contain exclusive extras.

The only major Viz title outside these two lines is the She: The Ultimate Weapon OVA, which will be released on May 9 and packaged with a set of special-edition postcards. In addition, on the same day, the Ranma 1/2 Movies box set will be released, while the final twelve episodes of Maisson Ikkoku will follow on July 4, exclusive to Viz.com and Right Stuf, and the fourth Inu Yasha movie on August 1.

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