Otakon 2006
DMP - June

by Bamboo Dong,
Representatives: Rachel Livingston, Erica Jeng

Representatives from Digital Manga spoke to a cozy gathering on Friday afternoon about their June imprint. Raffle tickets were handed out to the excited attendees who were eager for a chance to win free manga.

Several titles were announced for a Spring 2007 release, including Kurashina Sensei's Passino, La Vie en Rose, WARU, Wagamama Kitchen, Fake Fur, and Paradise on the Hill. The last title was penned by the same author who wrote Seven, which was announced earlier in the year.

Digital Manga's sister company, Pop Japan Travel, is also planning on launching a Bishonen and Boys Love Tour for spring of next year. Highlights will include an afternoon tea at Butler Café, a shopping trip to Otome Road (known for its abundance of yaoi and shonen-ai merchandise), and dinner with a famous mangaka, which was revealed to be Makoto Tateno.

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