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Comic-Con International 2007

by Bamboo Dong,

Panelists: Shizuki Yamashita, Samantha Yamanaka, Chris McDougall, Dietrich Seto

Broccoli opened their panel with some information on upcoming releases. First up was “Broccoli Gear,” a line of merchandise that includes items like t-shirts, fleece hats, and mugs from series like FLCL and One Piece. The panelists then introduced some of their upcoming manga titles. Currently available is the first volume of Kon Kon Kokon, created by Koge Donbo, whose previous works include the Di Gi Charat series and Pita-Ten.

Other future releases include Kamui vol. 8 (August 8), My Dearest Devil Princess vol. 1 (August 22), Murder Princess vol. 2 (September 19), E's vol. 4 (October 10), Coyote Ragtime Show vol. 2 (October 24), and Galaxy Angel vol. 3 (December 19). Broccoli will also be releasing a novelization of Disgaea, Disgaea: Enter the Maoh; the book will be released sometime next year.

The panelists moved on to their newest acquisition, a title called Nui!. The first volume will be available in the summer of 2008.

Starting Spring 2008, Broccoli will be releasing Cosmode, a Japanese cosplay magazine. Unlike the original, which is a monthly magazine, the US version will be released as a series of 200-page hardcover artbook. Much of the books will be translated material from the Japanese magazine, but will also include some original content.

Broccoli also offers yaoi titles under their Boysenberry imprint. Currently available is Delivery Cupid, a collection of several stories by CJ Michalski. September 29 will see the release of Pet On Duty, by Nase Yamato. Sex Friend, by Koreaki Kamuro, will be released November 24.

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