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New York Anime Festival 2008
Funimation Channel

by Bamboo Dong,

Representative: Adam Sheehan

The FUNimation Channel was scheduled to have its own panel Friday afternoon, but chose to append their announcements at the tail end of the Funimation panel that started the previous hour.

Several new shows will be added to the rotation, including Burst Angel, Jyuoh-Sei, Black Blood Brothers, Solty Rei, the second season of Negima!?, and xxxHOLiC. The channel will also be airing Ouran Host Club.

When asked about whether or not the company would eventually launch an HD version, Sheehan said that it would be considered for the future, but right now, there are no plans. He also mentioned that they would be interested in working with the Sci Fi Channel, but have no immediate plans to do so.

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