Supanova Brisbane 2010

by Luke Carroll,

Every year without fail, the morning queue for Saturday amazes me to no end. With patrons arriving as early as three hours prior to the doors opening, the rapid growth of the line becomes a sight to behold as time ticks on. And this year was no different, with a crowd of only 20 people at the early time of 7:30am growing rapidly to something that just defies counting as the clock hit 10am. Thankfully the weather didn't have a hint of turning bad during this time, and before we knew it the crowds were let in and the day was underway.

The most noticeable thing about the hall this year was the added space. For this years event, the old Commerce Building which held the first few Brisbane Supanova's was reused to accommodate the wrestling, card games, JB seminar room and guest stars. The improvement was a much welcomed change, although the unfortunate thing about the new arrangement was the obvious omission of the gaming area this year, something I'm sure many would have missed. Nevertheless, time was moving along fast as the crowds piled in and my first of many events for the day was just about to start.

First on the event schedule was the Anime Trivia, an event which is designed to test the wits of even the most devoted fans. With three rounds and teams of up to five allowed, the event certainly drew a few contenders and featured a very wide variety of questions that had many people -including myself- stumped at times. Afterwards, it was off to check out the Commerce Building where a massive line had formed outside for what we informed to be the ticket purchasing line for guest signatures and photos. Our stay was cut short though as it was Cosplay Chess time.

The Cosplay Chess every year has been plagued with various issues, and this was unfortunately the case here once again. With a 15 minute delay and no real hosting or form of quick moving rules, it was very hard to enjoy the chess as the crowds' attention wavered and hearing anything over the chatter they were creating became impossible. It's really unfortunate as the Cosplay Chess does have the potential to be quite fun, however the successful formula they need still alludes them.

Next up was a talk with Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Acting more of a Q&A rather than a talk, the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves as they were enlightened by the pairs various answers on topics such as the differences in voicing for video games and anime, and their social life with fellow voice actors. Our time there was unfortunately brought to a halt as the Madman National Cosplay Championship was just about to begin.

This years event marked the first round of 2010, and featured the introduction of a few new rules including the allowance of groups of two. As expected, the crowd for the event was exceedingly large, and the six contestants did not disappoint. With the hosting of John Robertson once again chiming in the right things at the right moment, the audience certainly had a great time as the contestants went about wowing them with their detailed outfits and thoughtful skits. The cosplay contest that followed was no different. Although time restraints forced the event to be quite rushed, the packed hall certainly seemed to have a blast.

Every year I attend Supanova, memories of previous years and the fun I had flood back; and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that. This year was certainly no different; and with tomorrow only a handful of hours away, I for one cannot wait. With the hot sunny Brisbane weather looking to continue for tomorrow, Sunday is shaping up to be another great day jam packed in events to keep everyone busy. It cannot come soon enough!

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