Anime Los Angeles 2014

by Bamboo Dong,

Anime Los Angeles is, quite frankly, a cosplayer's paradise. Every inch of the venue—a Marriott located right across the street from Los Angeles International Airport—teems with cosplayers. Those who aren't in costume are apt to be parents, vendors, or more likely, cosplay photographers.

It might have something to do with the timing of the event, which is offset by about six months from the Los Angeles area's more well-known convention event, Anime Expo, giving local cosplayers the perfect opportunity and time to work their craft. If ever you wanted a chance to gawk at some of the most talented and meticulously created costumes that anime fandom has to offer, this is your con.

The event is also designed for comfort, offering not only a vitamin-stocked "Parents Lounge" for weary guardians, but also benches and bean bag chairs along certain hallways. It's no surprise that the event grows in popularity every year, with sold-out attendance.

If you missed the event, check out our gallery below for a look at some of the sights at this year's Anime Los Angeles.

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