Love Plus Every Smartphone Game Delayed Again

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The official Twitter account for Konami's LovePlus franchise announced on Wednesday that the LovePlus EVERY smartphone game has been delayed again. The staff did not reveal a new release date but stated the delay is in order to increase the game's quality. The game was previously slated for last winter but then was delayed until August.

The game's cast includes Sakura Tange as Rinko Kobayakawa (left in picture above), Saori Hayami as Manaka Takane (center), and Yuko Minaguchi as Nene Anegasaki (right).

Part of the game will support virtual-reality devices.

The LovePlus franchise launched on the Nintendo DS in 2009. The game inspired an enhanced LovePlus+ edition that launched in Japan in 2010.

The New LovePlus game shipped for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in 2012, and the New LovePlus+ enhanced version shipped for the same console in 2014. The franchise has also spawned mobile and arcade spinoffs, and several manga series.

Source: LovePlus franchise's official Twitter account via Otakomu

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