Spike Chunsoft Releases AI: The Somnium Files Game in Europe on September 20, Crystar Game in Europe on August 30

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Spike Chunsoft announced on Friday that it will release Furyu Corporation's Crystar game in Europe physically and digitally for the PlayStation 4 on August 30. The company will release the game in North America for PS4 and PC via Steam on August 27.

In the game's story, Rei and her younger sister Mirai find themselves in the afterlife world "Hengoku." While they are both confused and trying to find their way home, they are attacked by strange and fantastical beings. In order to protect her sister, Rei awakens supernatural abilities and defeats the enemies, but her power becomes uncontrollable and she accidentally kills her sister. It is then that a demon whispers to Rei, telling Rei, "If you reap the souls of the dead in another world, if you sacrifice the suffering of your shed tears, the dead Mirai will be 'revived.'" Rei then makes a deal with a demon, and fights with her life on the line.

Spike Chunsoft also announced it will release Kōtarō Uchikoshi's new AI: The Somnium Files game in Europe physically and digitally for PS4 and Switch on September 20. The game will launch in North America on September 17 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

The visual novel is set in modern-day Tokyo, but with some technology advancements. Players play as Kamane Date, a detective tracking down a serial killer performing bizarre murders. Date has an artificial left eye, differently colored from his right eye, which contains an AI that helps him solve crimes. A key feature of the game is Date's ability to delve into the memories of suspects and key witnesses, exploring places called "Somnium" (Latin for "dream").

Both games will include English and Japanese audio and English text.

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