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Outlaw Star - ep. 11-15

by Kyle Pope,

XI) Adrift in Subspace

1. Aisha's "won't move unless you're naked" changed to "won't move unless you're wet".

2. Scene of Suzuka relaxing in the bath cut.

Well other than language edits that's it. Given the nature of this episode there really wasn't much for them to edit. They really didn't need to edit out Suzuka's bath, in fact. If only they were all handled like this.

XII) Mortal Combat with the El Dorado

Someone is really going to have to explain to me the rationale behind the editing of this episode.

1. Narrator's "kill" changed to "destroy" in prologue.

2. Scene of corpse lying in alley cut.

3. Narrator's "shot them long ago" changed to "stopped them a long time ago".

4. Shot of maniacal Harry MacDougall with a rifle cut.

5. Narrator's "has been killed" changed to "has disappeared".

6. Scene of Harry yelling "die,die,die,die..." cut.

7. Scene of Harry saying he'll take care of Gene all by himself cut. (What the hell did they edit this for?)

8. Scene of Gene fighting and shooting Harry's partner in the leg cut.

9. Scene's of Harry's virtual attack on Melfina cut. (This was a critical bit of information.)

10. Gunfight between Gene and Harry shortened.

11. Scene of Harry crying "you shot my arm" cut.

12. Scene of Melfina recovering from Harry's attack cut.

13. Gene's pistol digitally removed from scenes of Harry's interrogation. (This edit is unbelieveably lame. I'd ask what they were thinking but clearly they weren't.)

14. Scene of Gene asking Harry about his brother cut. (What the hell for? Nothing in that scene was unfit for broadcast and it was an important piece of plot.)

This episode makes no sense to me. None of the edits were necessary. None of them were anything we haven't seen on other Toonami shows. There might be something going on over at Toonami we don't know about yet.

XIII) Advance Guard from an Alien World

Light one this time.

1. Words "Spit Sperm" digitally removed from sign next to ice cream stand.

2. Aisha's references to killing the bug changed to stopping the bug. (However she was able to berate Gene for "trying to kill" her.)

3. Scene of Gene randomly shooting his gun off shortened.

4. Gene's "I would have scored for sure" changed to "I would have had the perfect date." (Don't they mean the same thing?)

5. Gene's "can't even take a leak" changed to "can't even get to sleep" in the preview.

XIV) The Final Countdown

1. Heiphong Viceroy's "even if it means our having to sacrifice the lives of the hostages" cut.

2. Gene's "bite me" changed to "shut up".

3. Crackerjack's "kill them, now" changed to "get them, now".

4. Scene of Crackerjack drawing his gun on Gene and Gene shooting it out of his hand cut.

5. Not and edit... Now using the new ED.

6. Digital bikini added to the girl in the last image of the ED art.

Routine cuts except for the first one. I don't understand why that had to be cut. It is interesting that they switched ED along with the series. Not that I'm complaining.

XV) The Seven Emerge

This has to be the most schizophrenic batch of edits I have ever seen. Inconsistency across different shows is one thing. Inconsistency across different episodes of the same show is another. But inconsistency in the same episode is quite beyond me. Especially to this extent. Given that the theme of this rather serious episode is life and death I would have thought they'd have treated it with more respect.

1. Narrator's "tools of killing" changed to "tools of battle" in prologue.

2. Admiring men removed from background in scene of Hamushi in prologue.

3. Digital blouse added to Hamushi in prologue.

4. Narrator's "by her sex appeal" changed to "by her good looks" in prologue. (God that's so cheesy.)

5. Anten Assassin's "kill the likes of this man" changed to "crush the likes of this man".

6. Not an edit... Shimi actually said "I'm here to kill you". (This really makes the subsequent edits stand out for their senselessness.)

7. Shimi's "kill your little friends" changed to "hurt your little friends". (OK. You tell me why they edited the word "kill" right after he had said it in the previous sentence.)

8. Shimi's "killed too many of us" changed to "beaten too many of us".

9. Scene of hooker propositioning Gene in the bar cut.

10. Gene's "drink with me tonight" changed to "hang with me tonight".

11. Gene's "die tomorrow" changed to "get it tomorrow".

12. Lei Long's "respect for those who have died" changed to "respect for those who have gone".

13. Scene of Gene saying "when you die that's the end of it all" cut.

14. Scene of Melfina attempting to comfort Gene and his subsequent attack on her cut.

15. Scene of Gene's dream of his death in the duel cut.

16. Shimi's "from this life" changed to "from this duel".

17. Scene of Shimi detonating his suicide bomb cut.

18. Scene of Gene asking "Is he dead?" cut.

19. Scene of Gene pulling his gun and shooting Shimi's sword from his hand cut. Subsequent scene of Shimi disarming Gene and their conversation cut as well.

20. Melfina's outburst redubbed to remove all references to killing.

21. Shimi's "couldn't possibly kill you" changed to "couldn't possibly hurt you".

22. Shimi's "have to kill them" changed to "have to hurt them".

23. Aisha's "kill them" changed to "hurt them".

24. Blood matted out when Shimi strikes Suzuka.

25. Shimi's "kill" changed to "stop".

26. Shimi's revolvers turned into rayguns. (This was really pathetic. And it does not bode well for future digital editing of anime.)

27. White screen over Gene getting hit and falling.

28. Scene of Shimi's revolver lying on the ground cut.

29. Shimi's "faulty gun" changed to "faulty weapon".

30. Gene's "everyone's dead" changed to "everyone's gone".

31. Jim's "didn't kill us" changed to "didn't destroy us".

The whole point of this episode was Gene evaluating his life while faced with the possible end of it. Under those circumstances I would think death was too important a theme to try and cut out of it. And I am really not pleased with the redesigning of the guns. Adding a digital bikini to cover some nudity is understandable. But redesigning the animation for no good reason is to my mind stepping onto dangerous ground. Compared to this the whole overlay issue pales to insignificance.

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