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Big O - ep. 1-4

by Kyle Pope,
Since Toonami has started re running it, and since I now have the first DVD, I offer a list of edits to Bandai's The Big O. This series attracted a lot of attention when Toonami announced it, largely because very few people had heard of the show prior to that. The Big O is a short series that ran late at night in Japan, and didn't do well in the ratings.

It certainly got a different reaction when it aired in the US. With its film noir setting, strange fusion of Western and Japanese animation styles and the most intriguing artificial woman to ever grace an anime, The Big O was a pleasant surprise to many fans.

The show itself is not that heavily edited, if the first four episodes are any indication. Still, the show does feature adult characters doing adult things, which require some edits by Cartoon Network to keep the show child friendly. The edits are the usual ones for violence, alcohol and tobacco use and sexual innuendo.

Big O: Roger, the Negotiator

1. Scene of bartender opening a Budweiser cut.
2. Blood digitally removed from floor and walls of Soldano's factory.

3. This change occurs in all episodes so I'll only mention it once: Big O's boot up phrase changed from "Cast in the Name of God, ye not Guilty" to "Cast in the Name of Good, ye not Guilty".

Big O, Episode 1: Dorothy, Dorothy

1. Scene of man in a car talking to two hookers cut. (This is a strange cut since this scene was used in CN's promos for the Big O.)

2. Pan across the bar during Roger's conversation with Big Ear cut.

3. Scene of gun thrust into Roger's back cut.

4. Scene of bullet hole in Beck's thug's coat pocket cut.

5. Blood removed from scene where Wayneright's cane falls to the floor.

6. Blood removed from Wayneright's murder scene.

Big O, Episode 2: Electric City

1. Scene of rifle thrust into Roger's back cut. (I sense a pattern here.)

2. Roger's "god" changed to "sea titan".

3. Scene of Angel sliding Roger's sunglasses out of her cleavage cut. (What a loss to Angel fans everywhere.)

4. Roger's "wrath of God" cut.

Big O, Episode 3: Underground Terror

1. Roger's "God and State" changed to "Church and State"

2. Shot of Seebach's ashtray towering with cigarette butts cut. (But this ashtray remained in the longshots of his desk.)

3. Flashback to Wayneright's death abbreviated to remove bullet hole and blood.

4. Scene of Schwarzwald being incinerated atop the Mega-Deus cut.

5. Roger's "You're no god" changed to "You're no ghost".

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