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The Edit List
Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 3

by Kyle Pope,
Gundam 08th MS Team List of Edits: The Time Limit on Trust

1) Shiro's flashback to Kiki skinny dipping replaced with shot of waterfalls.

2) Scene of Shiro dropping his gun in the Gundam cockpit cut. (!?)

3) Scene of guerilla's kicking Shiro cut.

4) Kiki's "be honest, you wanted to have me now" changed to "be honest, you thought you could get by us".

5) Kiki's "...rude with dirty little minds" changed to "...rude, all guts and no brains".

6) Scene of guerilla shoving a gun into Shiro's face cut.

7) Shiro's "oh my god" changed to "there's no time".

8) Elindore's nudie pictures now have digital sweaters.

9) Scene of Jion officer dying in his helicopter shortened.

10) Scene of Kiki's crotch landing in Shiro's face as she bounces around the cockpit cut.

11) Guerilla's "hey look, nudie pictures" changed to "hey look, souvenirs".

I would think that CN would have realized after GW that Gundam is a franchise about a very vicious war which means a lot of guns, people being shot, people being beat up, people being blown up and ultimately people dying in many unpleasant ways. Gundam 08th MS Team is a look at the gritty, unglamorous side of the One Year War. I can understand CN being leary about the sexual innuendo and nudity. But trying to clean up the violence seems to be defeating the very purpose behind the Gundam series.

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