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The Edit List
Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 4

by Kyle Pope,
Gundam 08th MS Team List of Edits: The Demon Overhead

1) Trooper's "pretty sad you have no friends because you killed them all" changed to "pretty sad you have no friends because of your bad luck".

2) Trooper's "you son of a bitch, come here" changed to "you troublemaker, come here".

3) Scene of Gramps taking bets on the fight cut.

4) Not an edit... Shiro's punch causes blood to fly.

5) Scene of Gramps absconding with the bet money cut.

6) Not an edit... Jion troops cry "Sieg Jion!". (I mention this because it was changed to "Hail Jion!" in First Gundam.)

7) Scene of Admiral Kraane making moves on Aina shortened.

8) Scene of Karen kicking Sanders in the balls cut.

9) Karen's dialogue altered to substitute "guts" for "balls".

10) Karen's "just shake that Doomsday crap out of your head" cut.

11) Scene of Karen getting battered about her cockpit after collision with the Apsalis shortened. (No doubt due to the fact that her breasts were getting rather lively.)

12) Sander's "they're not going to die" changed to "they're not going to lose".

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