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The Edit List
Sailor Moon S Movie

by Kyle Pope,

Once again this list is based upon the English dub available on the DVD. As with the R movie there are three versions of SMSM available: dubbed and edited VHS, subbed and unedited VHS and, of course, bilingual DVD. The conventions established in the R list of edits hold here as well. Also noted is that the DVD retains the original Japanese music track under the English dub. Which means the DVD gives you the awesome transformation and battle themes for the Outer Senshi that were purged from the Toonami version. And now the edits.

1) Not an Edit... Surprisingly Kaguya remains essentially topless throughout the movie. No cropping or digital modifications. This is particularly strange given edit #6.

2) Scenes of Kakeru driving to the meteorite crash site are reversed to put him on the other side of his car and his car on the other side of the road. (I'd like to know the rationale behind this since it was not done for any other car scene in the movie).

3) Opening animation replaced with generic opening. Title card reading "Hearts in Ice" added.

4) Scene of Luna's vision focusing in on Kakeru after awakening cut.

5) Scene of Usagi/Serena cataloging Luna's criticisms of her cut. (No doubt due to the large and prominent Japanese text. Odd since Japanese text was all over the place in this movie.)

6) Interior body lines removed from Sailor Senshi/Scout transformation scenes.

7) Scene of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Venus impacting against an ice wall cut.

8) Scene of Sailor Mercury being battered by Snow Dancers cut.

9) Scene of Sailor Moon being blown back by Kaguya's energy blast shortened.

10) Camera pan up Luna's nude human body during her transformation cut.

Two down, one to go. And that's next week. Again this is a broadcast of the VHS dub released by Pioneer. The edits seemed a little confusing but again no surprises. Stay tuned for the list for Sailor Moon Super S.


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