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Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 7, 8 & 9

by Kyle Pope,

Gundam 08th MS Team: Reunion

1) Zeon trooper's "...give the Feddies hell" changed to "...give the Feddies pain".

2) Shiro's "Or is it because they're dead?" changed to "Or is it because they're unconscious".

3) Shiro's "Live of die, we're doing this together" changed to "Come what may, we're doing this together".

4) Shiro's "Fire, damn it!" changed to "Come on, fire!"

5) Scene of dying colonist reaching out to Shiro and leaving blood trails in his faceplate cut.

6) Shiro's "You want in on the bath here?" changed to "You wanna go for a swim?"

7) Aina no wears a black digital bikini. (It's nice to know that the privations of war have in no way affected swimwear production.)

8) Shiro's "We'll be together again" changed to "I'll see you again". (If you can explain this change you're better at this than I am.)

9) Blood removed from Top's face in preview.

CN brings you another war free of death and injury. Adult Swim is really starting to make these Toonami edits look petty.

Gundam 08th MS Team: Duty and Ideals

1) Scene of Ginias pointing his empty revolver at Aina and pulling the trigger cut.

2) Arth's "We've got the mobile suits. We don't have to take this shit from them." cut.

3) Rob's "Bartender! Vodka! And bring the whole bottle." changed to "Hey, Fender! Tea! And bring the whole bottle." (This has got to be the lamest tea for alcohol substitution CN has pulled yet.)

4) Sally's "And you can forget the ice. I hate liquor when it's cold" changed to "And you can forget the ice. I hate cold ginseng on a rainy day". (And here I thought Carrie Nation had died a long time ago.)

5) Scene of Gramps face down on the bar amidst a nest of empty bottles cut.

6) Michel's "Would they really execute us for doing something like that" changed to "Would they really arrest us for doing something like that".

7) Scene of Arth's shocked face at seeing a guerilla rocket launcher aimed at his cockpit cut.

8) Guerilla's "You're dead" cut.

9) Scene of Kiki's father and his aide getting incinerated cut.

10) Guerilla's "This fight doesn't end until they're all dead" changed to "This fight doesn't end until they're all gone".

11) Scene of the wounded Top recoiling in pain when her ammo is destroyed cut.

12) Scene of Top in her cockpit filled with flying glass during rocket attack cut.

13) Close-up of Top's terrified face as she launches her anti-personnel mines cut.

14) Scene of torn guerilla bodies cut.

15) Top's "I'll finish you" cut.

16) Scene of Top's shattered cockpit streaming blood cut.

17) Shiro's "...get my team killed" changed to "...get my team shot" in preview.

This list will be in two parts as the episode aired by Toonami is not the same as that on the DVD. Toonami incorporated footage from Miller's Report into this episode. As Miller's Report has yet to be released this list will list edits to the original episode footage. This list will be updated when the Miller's Report DVD is released and the relevant scenes can be checked for edits.

Interesting notes... The preview for this episode removed the blood from Top's face when she was wounded in her cockpit but the blood was restored in the actual episode. Also Shiro's line change (Edit #9 in the previous episode, Reunion) was restored as well.

Gundam 08th MS Team: Front Line

1) Karen's "Oh my god" changed to "what the heck".

2) Eledore's "No way are you killing Karen" changed to "No way are you getting Karen".

3) Eledore's "...pissed my pants" changed to "...wet myself".

4) Scene of Zeon doctor giving a Zeon trooper an injection cut.

5) Long scene of Zeon trooper attempting to help Aina with a crate and dropping it to reveal stimulant drugs cut.

6) Zeon trooper's "I'll bet a fat ass like you prefers 0g" changed to "I'll bet a fatso like you prefers 0g".

7) Vials of drugs digitally removed from cart next to the bound Cynthia.

8) Scene of Kraane and his men dying in the booby trapped tunnel shortened.


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