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The Edit List
Tenchi Muyou Ryououki Special - The Night Before the Carniva

by Kyle Pope,

Cartoon Network delightefully surprised us with this episode. This OVA special originally ran about 45 minutes long. Rather than try and hack it down into a half hour time slot CN expanded the time slot and allowed the episode to run in its entirety minus the footage edited out for BS&P reasons. In addition to that, this episode is completely devoid of any of the action that characterizes the Toonami block. This is a quiet little slice-of-life story that plays out as a light romantic comedy with some slapstick thrown in. It definitely provided a breath of fresh air after the angst-ridden finale of the first OVA series. I would not have thought this episode would have been considered for Toonami. Again this can be attributed to the helmsmanship of then Toonami head Sean Akins.

Tenchi Muyou Ryououki Special: The Night Before the Carnival

1. Scene of Tenchi going to the bathroom with Ryouko's head phased through the wall cut.

2. Long cut. Nurse Washuu and the Sperm Sample scene cut. (Even if you don't own any of the Tenchi series you must find a way to see this scene. It is absolutely adorable.)

3. Ryouko again wears a blue digital bikini.

4. Aeka again wears a red digital one-piece bathing suit. (This scene was unavoidably ridiculous. CN couldn't show the girls nude so it was stuck having to show them soaping up with swimsuits on.)

5. Open panel exposing Ryouko's cleavage through her top digitally painted over. (This digital paint job is inconsistent as you can see the digital paint appear and disappear throughout this sequence.)

6. Ryouko's "Tonight we're gonna get real wet" changed to "Tonight we're going to dive into some fun".

7. Ryouko's "You can go first, I don't care" changed to "You can go first, I don't mind at all".

8. Ryouko's "You're trying to get him in the sack too..." changed to "You're trying to get him on a date too...".

9. Scene of Ryouko examining Aeka and commenting on her make-up, nightie, hormones, etc cut.

10. Ryouko's "...be with him and make love to him..." changed to "...stay with him all the time...".

11. Blood spray digitally removed from impact during Sasami's dream.

12. Pool of blood around Sasami digitally colored dark blue. Blood digitally removed from Sasami's face.

The glaring omission in this episode was, of course, Nurse Washuu and her lascivious designs on Tenchi. Throughout CN's editing of this series the sexual subtext drew far more attention than the violence.


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