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The Edit List
Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 2 - ep. 5: Zero Ryouko

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 2: Zero Ryouko

1. Scene of Ryouko failing to stab Tenchi in his sleep shortened.

2. Ryouko's "...then I won't have to kill Tenchi" changed to "...then I won't have to destroy Tenchi at all".

3. Washuu's "I didn't know he went for that sort of thing" cut.

4. Ryouko pause after throwing down the Washuu doll cut.

5. Ryouko's "...otherwise I'll kill you" changed to "...otherwise you'll be destroyed".

6. Ryouko wears a digital bikini top in the capsule.

7. Scene of Ryouko yelling at Washuu from the capsule cut.

8. Washuu and Dr. Clay's lolicon exchange cut.

9. Long cut. Much of the conversation between Dr. Clay and Washuu cut. (A mistake as we learn a lot about Washuu's history here.)

10. Scene of Mihoshi concluding that she, Tenchi and Aeka are trapped in the corridor cut.

11. Scene of Washuu buttoning her shirt cut.

12. Scene of Washuu toying with Dr. Clay's favorite vase shortened.

13. Washuu's "...don't do anything indecent with it" changed to "...don't do anything stupid with it".

14. Dr. Clay's pity party cut.

15. Dr. Clay reminding Washuu of her past claims of infallibility cut.

16. Scene of Dr. Clay sitting up after Washuu's punch cut.

17. Scene of Washuu cropped to remove Ryouko from the frame.

18. Scene of control statue opening and Washuu commenting on Dr. Clay's taste cut.

19. Scene of Washuu punching and destroying the control statue cut.

20. Scene of Mihoshi tripping and breaking Washuu's present to Dr. Clay cut.

21. Conversation between Washuu and Ryouko about incorporating Zero shortened.

This was another episode allowed that CN allowed to run long. However a lot of the exchange between Dr. Clay and Washuu was cut to speed up the action. As a result we lost some insight as to what Washuu was like back when she was among the academecians of the galaxy. Much of the purpose of the second OVA series was to give us a peek at the past of the Tenchi gang. It's too bad Washuu got shortchanged in this.


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