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Gundam 0083 - ep. 2: Endless Pursuit

by Kyle Pope,

Gundam 0083: Endless Pursuit

1. Prologue and Opening out of sequence.

2. Shots of General Marnery before mobile suit artillery round hits cut.

3. Simone's "General Marnery's been killed" changed to "General Marnery's been shot". (He was shot alright. With an artillery round.)

4. Synapse's "What? The base commander is dead?" changed to "What? The base commander's been hurt?"

5. Keith's "Why in god's name would they be after a nuclear warhead?" changed to "Why in the world would they be after a nuclear warhead?"

6. Scene of komusai's cockpit exploding under Kou's fire cut.

7. Keith's "Direct hit with a bazooka to the body" and Kou's "Oh man! Allen's dead" cut.

8. Kou's "Lieutenant, what about Allen's body?" changed to "Lieutenant, what about Allen's suit, sir?"

9. Burning's "Keith, do you think there's any chance Allen's still alive?" changed to "Keith, do you think there's any chance we can salvage it?"

10. Keith's "He was killed, sir" changed to "It was destroyed, sir".

11. Burning's "Do you want to see what's left of his body?" changed to "Do you want to carry his suit back?"

12. Burning's "Then leave Allen's remains to the recovery team" changed to "Then leave Allen's mobile suit to the recovery team".

13. Colin Team Leader's "I sure as hell won't let that pervert Burning hog all the glory" changed to "I sure as heck won't let that coward Burning hog all the glory".

14. Sub captain's "I wonder if Anavel Gato is going to set a new kill record" changed to "I wonder if our Anavel Gato is going to set a new mission record."

15. Keith's "Oh god" changed to "Oh man" and "...for Christ sakes" changed to "...for Pete's sake".

16. Burning's "A moment's hesitation and you're dead" changed to "A moment's hesitation and you're toast". (Somehow I don't see Burning talking this way.)

17. Kou's "There you are bastard!" changed to "There you are coward!"

18. Blood digitally removed from Burning's head and face.

Well edits #7 through #12 indicate that this show has been badly handled by Toonami. At some point in the future the AS de-edit will kick in. I hope we won't have to wait too many episodes for that because things are just getting warmed up here.


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