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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 6

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 6: The Appearance of Kurogasa

1) Not an Edit... All verbal references to killing and death throughout the episode are intact. None of the forbidden words have been redubbed. I will consider this a given from now on and only note those instances where those words are edited over.

2) Close-up of Kurogasa's bloodstained blade cut.

3) Glowing blood digitally removed from Kurogasa's sword.

4) Police bodies digitally removed from corridor. However they did leave the blood on the wall.

5) Shot of flying blood spatters from Kurogasa's swordstrike cut.

6) Flashback of Kurogasa's attack shortened and blood spray removed.

7) Shot of police bodies in the courtyard cut.

8) Scene of Kurogasa moving through the corridor killing policemen cut.

9) Shots of corridors and staircase covered with dead policemen cut.

10) Blood spray digitally removed when bodyguard is cut down.

11) Blood sprays digitally removed when Kurogasa cuts down the attacking bodyguards.

12) Not an Edit... Patina of blood remains on Kurogasa's blade.

13) Blood sprays in attack flashbacks digitally painted white.

14) Flashback shot of Kurogasa standing amidst his victims bodies shortened.

15) Nipples on statue's breasts digitally removed. (It's only a statue.)

16) Blood sprays from Sanosuke's wrists digitally removed.

17) Not an Edit... Blood running through Sanosuke's fingers left in.

18) Not an Edit... Blood from Kenshin's wound left in.

19) Not an Edit... Bloodstain on Kenshin's bandage left in.

20) Not an Edit... Sanosuke's "Damn it! That guy's totally off his rocker." left in.

21) Blood spray from Kenshin's cut thumb digitally removed.

22) Wound and fountain of blood digitally removed from Kenshin's thumb.

Nice to see the Mighty Maids out of retirement. They were hard at work on this episode removing every trace of blood. However they seem to be a little rusty as they missed a few spots. Also another "damn it" made it onto Toonami. Must have been an oversight on their part. The last time this happened was during Toonami's airing of Tenchi Universe.

I guess someone at Toonami realized that you couldn't air Rurouni Kenshin without full strength references to killing and death. It is a story about an assassin after all. It is a refreshing burst of honesty after years of clumsy substitutions of words like "destroy", "end", "get", etc. I hope this sort of sanitation is now a thing of the past.

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