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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 11

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin, Episode 11: Fare Well, The Strongest Men

1) Not an Edit... Blood flies from Kenshin's cut cheek.

2) Blood spray digitaly removed from Aoshi's punch to Kenshin's face.

3) Not an Edit... Blood on Kenshin's cut cheek left in.

4) Blood digitally removed from Kenshin's hand where he is clutching his sword blade.

5) Scene of Kenshin's chest wounds spraying blood after Aoshi's attack cut.

6) Blood digitally removed from Kenshin's chest wounds.

7) Scene of Kenshin's bloody hand taking up his sword cut.

8) Blood again digitally removed from Kenshin's chest wounds.

9) Blood spray digitally removed from Kenshin's sword as it flies across the room.

10) Not an Edit... Blood between Kenshin's hands as he traps Aoshi's blade left in.

11) Scene of Aoshi vomiting blood after Kenshin's strike to his throat cut.

12) Scene of bullet piercing Aoshi's thigh cut.

13) Blood spray from Aoshi's thigh as he hangs in the air digitally removed as well as the bullet wounds.

14) Shot of Aoshi's bloody, bullet riddled thighs cut.

15) Scene of Kanryu with his cigar digitally altered to remove Kanryu's hand striking a match and lighting the cigar.

16) Scene of Kanryu exhaling the smoke from his cigar cut.

17) Shot of bullets striking Shikijou's back cut.

18) Quick pan up the kneeling Aoshi shortened to remove shot of his wounded thighs.

19) Scene of Shikijou absorbing Kanryu's bullets to protect Aoshi cut.

20) Pan up Shikijou's bullet riddled back as he delivers his last words replaced with a close-up of Aoshi's face.

21) Scene of Hyottoko being gunned down cut.

22) Blood plume digitally removed from Hyottoko as he falls.

23) Not an Edit... Blood left in as Hyottoko hits the floor.

24) Scene of Beshimi getting shredded by gunfire as he fires his dart cut.

25) Blood digitally removed from Hyottoko as he lies beside Beshimi.

26) Shot of Hyottoko's corpse cut.

27) Pan across the bodies of the fallen Oniwabanshuu cut.

28) Sanosuke's "You son-of-a..." changed to "You're gonna pay!"

29) Scene of Hannya being gunned down cut.

30) Blood digitally removed from Hannya's body as it hits the floor.

31) Not an Edit... Blood spray from Kenshin's attack on Kanryu left in.

32) Pan of Aoshi and the dead Oniwabanshuu cut.

33) Bullet wounds digitally removed from Aoshi's thighs.

34) Face shots of the dead Oniwabanshuu members cut.

35) Bullet wounds again digitally removed from Aoshi's thighs.

36) Shot of blood dripping from Aoshi's clenched fist before he screams cut.

37) Scene of Megumi attempting suicide cut.

38) Scene of Sanosuke holding the blade of Megumi's tantou cut.

39) Blood digitally removed from blade of fallen tantou.

40) Not an Edit... Bloodstains left on the floor of Kanryu's mansion.

I could have almost written this list before even seeing Toonami's version of this episode. This is the first of the really violent episodes and it was quite literally a slaughter.

Note... A tantou is the dagger that Megumi carries. It is of similar pattern to the swords of the period and was a popular weapon for women to carry for personal protection.

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