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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 19 & 20

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 19: Raijuta's Ambition

1) Bandit's "Don't kill the kid yet" changed to "Don't finish him yet".

2) Blood flashes digitally removed when Raijuta kills the bandits.

3) Kaoru's "With all you guys nearby did you think we'd bathe naked?" cut.

4) Scene of Kenshin realizing he's naked in front of Kaoru and company with their various reactions to him cut.

It seems that even though some standards have loosened on Toonami, death threats against children are still taboo. And, apparently, so are any references to nudity even in the context of bathing.

Rurouni Kenshin 20: Revival of the Shinko Style

1) Shot of Yahiko standing in the bath with a strategically placed bucket replaced with an extended shot of his foot stirring the bath water.

2) Not an Edit... Shot of naked Yahiko's bare butt left in.

3) Shot of Shinko member with twin swords cutting down two soldiers simultaneously cut.

4) Not an Edit... Blood spray when another Shinko member cuts down a soldier left in.

They edit out a brief scene where Kenshin simply notices he's naked yet shows nothing but let Yahiko practically fill the screen with his bare butt. Sometimes you have to pull out a few hairs over edits like this.

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