The Edit List
Trigun - ep. 18, 19 & 20

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 18: Goodbye for Now

1) Pool of blood around corpse in the office with Knives digitally removed.

2) Not an Edit... Vash's bare butt visible when he gets naked for the bandits.

3) Shot of man holding a rifle to a bound captive's head in the preview cut.

First Yahiko then Vash. It would seem someone over at Cartoon Network has a considerable interest in butts.

Trigun 19: Hang Fire

1) Hijacker's "Shit! This guy can't be for real" changed to "What!This guy can't be for real" after Vash kicks the rocket.

2) Shot of Benson placing his rifle muzzle against Slader's face cut.

3) Close-up of Slader with Benson's rifle hard against his face replaced with an extended shot of Benson and Slader seen from Vash's point of view.

Trigun 20: Flying Ship

1) Brad's "Holy shit!" after Wolfwood opens up on the puppet birds cut.

No surprise here. However given the scale of the slaughter of innocents in this episode I am surprised at some of the previous edits to this series, particularly the apparent prohibition of guns-to-the-head scenes.

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