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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 22

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 22: Danger on a Runaway Locomotive

1) Episode title screen replaced from original photograph of Kenshin, Yahiko, Kaoru and Sanosuke.

2) Sanosuke's "No way in hell!" changed to "No way at all!" when protesting being photographed.

3) Blood digitally removed from bound and unconscious conductor's face.

4) Train robber's "Keep your damn mouth shut!" while striking Yahiko across the face with the butt of his tantou cut.

5) Train robber's "And who the hell are you?" changed to "And who might you be?" when he's challenged by Kenshin.

6) Shot of train robber holding his revolver to the back of Yahiko's head on the roof of the train cut.

7) Revolver digitally removed from train robber after Kenshin falls from the train.

8) Shot of train robber raising his revolver and pointing it at the merchant after he opens the door cut.

9) Shot of train robber holding his revolver to the merchant's head as he holds the Kenshingumi at bay cut. Train robber's dialogue moved to scenes of pirates climbing the railroad embankment.

10) Close-up of train robber holding his revolver to the head of the merchant replaced with medium shot of train robber, merchant, Kaoru and Sanosuke as Kenshin rides up to the rescue.

11) Not an Edit... Train robber's "Damn it! What are those guys doing?" just before Sanosuke trips him left in.

12) Blood sprays digitally removed as Sanosuke pounds on train robber's face.

13) Not an Edit... Blood spray left in as Kenshin takes down one of the pirates.

The pity is that at one time the minimal gunplay in this episode was routine for a myriad of prime time family westerns. Children depicted far worse in their games of Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians.

But it was nice to see another "damn" slip through.

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