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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 29

by Kyle Pope,
Well we are now officially into the Kyoto Arc. And things are not looking good. The editing standards established so far would indicate that much of the fighting in this story arc is going to be sent through the shredder. I'll hold off passing judgement until the next episode when Kenshin and Saitou go at one another. How that fight is handled will give me an idea of what kind of editing we have to look forward to.

Rurouni Kenshin 29: The Strongest Opponent from the Past

1) Not an Edit... Blood left on the blade fragment as Kenshin examines it.

2) Not an Edit... Blood sprays during the flashback of the fight between Sanosuke and Saitou restored. (They were digitally removed from the previous episode's scenes of this fight.)

3) Not an Edit... Blood rivulets left on Battousai's blade after he cuts down the Shinsengumi member.

4) Flashback to bloodstained face of Battousai after he cuts down another Shinsengumi member cut.

5) Scenes of Saitou's blade impaling Kenshin through the chest cut.

To their credit CN restored the blood to the flashbacks of the battle between Saitou and Sanosuke as well as the flashbacks to Kyoto. However they did remove Saitou's telling hit on Kenshin in the dojo. Next episode will have this fight going in earnest where there will be more blood and violence in the space of ten minutes then there has been in the entire series up to this point. And this fight is a mere whiff of the type of battles to come. I hold my judgement until I see how that episode is handled.

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