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FLCL Introduction

by Kyle Pope,
FLCL, Furi Kuri, Fooly Cooly... (Oh I give up. My head is starting to hurt.)

WARNING! If your grip on reality is tenuous. If your sanity depends upon the sustained belief in an ordered universe. If you're standing at the precipice of madness dreading the slight breeze that will push you over then by all means stay away from Adult Swim come August 4th, 2003. As is a frequent occurence over at the Gainax Studios the animation staff went off their meds for a while and the result was a six episode masterpiece that swept through anime fandom like nothing before. There is no consensus on how to write the title but my preference is FLCL. And FLCL is coming to Adult Swim. So what is FLCL about? Ask ten different anime fans and you'll get eleven different answers. Suffice it to say that this show is completely off the wall. Long after you've seen all six episodes you will still be scratching your head asking "What the hell hit me?" It's about a boy. It's about a girl. It's about another girl. It's about a robot. It's about even more robots. It's about a very big flat iron. You get the idea. Anyway I can't wait until the newbies catch this one. They'll be an epidemic of staring at the ceiling and drooling in offices and schools across America.

As for edits, I couldn't even predict. The territory this show treads covers so many sensitive issues I'm not sure if CN will try to edit it and tone any of it down or just roll the dice and take their chances. Either way it's going to be a fun ride on a yellow Vespa. Be warned people. Somewhere out there is a Rickenbacker bass guitar with your name on it. You'd better duck.

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