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Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 43 & 44

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 43: Between Life and Death

1) Scene of Seijurou confronting and slaughtering the bandits as Shinta mourns their victims cut.

2) Scene of Shinta being shielded as the members of the caravan are killed by bandits shortened to remove sounds of screaming and people being killed.

3) Shot of bandit cutting down a caravan member as Shinta remembers the three women who protected him cut.

Much of the power of Kenshin's past was lost in the edits of the murder of the only friends he knew. Of course this incident was even more powerfully presented in the first Rurouni Kenshin OVA.

Rurouni Kenshin 44: A Decisive Battle Like Violent Waters

1) Sanosuke's upraised middle finger digitally removed as Saitou holds him by the lapels.

2) Chou's "I was tryin' to be nice by tellin' you the honest truth but if you jackasses aren't interested in hearin' it why don't you just get out of here" changed to "I was tryin' to be nice by tellin' you the honest truth but if you buffoons aren't interested in hearin' it why don't you just get out of here."

3) Sanosuke's "Did he just call me jackass?" changed to "Did he just call me buffoon?"

4) Saitou's cigarette digitally changed to a toothpick. Subsequent shot of Saitou lighting up as Chou and Sanosuke threaten and taunt each other cut. (I thought CN had evolved beyond the cigarette to toothpick trick.)

5) Not an Edit... Saitou's toothpick returns to being a cigarette as Sanosuke and Chou demand he signal the start of their rumble.

6) Shot of Saitou flicking his cigarette into the air and its subsequent fall to the floor signalling the start of Chou's and Sanosuke's fight cut.

7) Sanosuke's "Damn it!" changed to "This stinks!" as Saitou resumes his interrogation of Chou. (I was hoping Sano would get another one through.)

8) Shot of one of Shishio's guards being killed shortened to remove shot of shadow showing guard being speared from behind by an unknown assailant.

9) Yumi's pipe and her hand that was holding it digitally removed when she announces the imminent arrival of the Juppongatana.

10) Shot of guards searching corridors filled with the bloody corpses of slain Shishio guards cut.

11) Saitou's cigarette once again digitally changed to a toothpick as he welcomes the possible challenge of Usui.

12) Smoke digitally removed from around Sanosuke as Saitou continues to question Chou.

13) Scene of Chou contemplating Saitou's burning cigarette before answering Saitou cut.

14) Shots of flashback to Ikkigaya shortened and blood sprays digitally removed from the scenes of combat.

15) Shot of Saitou taking a drag from his cigarette in Chou's cell cut.

16) Shot of Saitou throwing his cigarette to the floor and stamping it out before leaving cut.

17) Camera pan up Kamatari's twinkling body as he faces off with Yumi shortened. (I foresee Kamatari getting the same treatment as Fred Luo.)

18) Shot of Saitou smoking a cigarette and reading a piece of paper before a police officer bursts in with news of Kenshin cut.

19) Cigarette digitally removed from Saitou's hand as he listens to the police officer's report on Kenshin's imminent arrival.

It's not hard to see where the bulk of this episode's edits went. Unfortunately for Toonami Saitou smokes like the proverbial chimney.

Much more interesting though is this episode's introduction of Kamatari. I am surprised they left in his confrontation with Yumi over Shishio's heart as it confirms that Kamatari is male, gay and in love with Shishio. Though I don't understand why they cut short his introductory camera pan so we could see how cute he is. Well CN handled Outlaw Star's Fred Luo decently. I hope Kamatari is treated just as fairly.

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