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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 45 & 46

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 45: As If To Fly

1) Shot of Saitou reading a report while smoking as a police officer bursts in with news of Kenshin cut.

2) Saitou's cigarette digitally turned into a toothpick as he updates Kenshin on Shishio's plans.

3) Not an Edit... Saitou's toothpick returns to being a cigarette complete with smoke.

4) Saitou's cigarette digitally returns to being a toothpick again.

5) Shot of Saitou smoking in the carriage while laying out his plans to Kenshin shortened and replaced with an extended shot of Sanosuke riding atop the carriage.

6) Saitou's cigarette yet again digitally turned into a toothpick.

7) Shot of shadow of Kamatari decapitating the fleeing Shishio troopers cut.

8) Blood digitally removed from Hennya's blade as he reprimands Shishio's troopers into fighting the police.

9) Cornered arsonist's "What the hell are all these people doing awake at this hour?" changed to "What the heck are all these people doing?"

10) Not an Edit... Shishio retains his pipe.

11) Smoke digitally removed from Shishio's pipe.

12) Shot of Shishio taking a puff from his pipe cut.

13) Shishio's "This is the black ship of the Meiji era that will drive the good people of Tokyo into the bowels of Hell" changed to "This is the black ship of the Meiji era that will drive the good people of Tokyo into the bowels of Hades."

I can see that Saitou is getting good use out of the editing equipment.

Rurouni Kenshin 46: Purgatory Bursts into Flames

1) Houji's "My god!" changed to "What's this!" when receiving the damage report on the Purgatory.

2) Not an Edit... Saitou's cigarette retained as he surveys the police casualties.

3) Blood digitally removed from image of Aoshi as Okina makes his request of Kenshin.

4) Blood vomit and spray removed from silhouette of Okina as he collapses during flashback to the fight with Aoshi.

5) Not an Edit... Negative shot of Misao's face behind a shower of blood drops as Okina falls left in. (This shot was edited out of episode #42.)

6) Blood digitally removed from Okina's face as he lies on the floor during the flashback to the fight with Aoshi.

So if they were going to leave the scene in this episode (edit #5) why edit it out of the episode where it originally appeared?

Kyle Pope

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