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Yu Yu Hakusho 11 & 12

by Mike Majeski,
11. Hard Fights for Yusuke

1. Genkai smoking in the recap - CUT

2. Kazemaru's Swastika tattoo is removed again

3. Yusuke coughing up blood after Kibano's Bonzia Missle attack – blood removed

4. Scene where Yusuke explains how he defeated Kibano by using Genkai's discarded cigarette (Yusuke stuck it in Kibano's belt during their grappling) - CUT

5. Kuwabara's “Hey where'd you learn to be so tricky, anyway?” – CUT

6. Boton's response “It's probably from being a kid, trying to think up reasons why he didn't come to class.” – CUT

7. Yusuke's answer to Boton “Maybe” - CUT

8. Kuwabara's “You're not a very lucky person at drawing lots, are you Urameshi?” – CUT

9. Yusuke's “Well can you at least throw another cigarette?” – CUT

10. Genkai's “No, we wont be fighting the semifinals in here.” – CUT

11. Yusuke's “Dammit, I can see his freaking power!” changed to “Darn it, I can see his power!”

12. Blood coming from the cut on Kazemaru's face removed

13. Kuwabara's “Damn!” changed to “No!” in reaction to Yusuke's missed punch

14. Yusuke's “Getting blown to pieces is really going to piss me off.” Changed to “Getting blown to pieces is really going to tick me off.”

Well, I guess we now know how Cartoon Network will go to keep their Smoking Ban on Toonami. They are willing to cut out scenes, even though they are needed in the story line. The way Yusuke defeated Kibano was dependent on a glowing cigarette. The Toonami handled it, it seemed that Yusuke just was able to see at right moment without explaining HOW. Its plot holes like that that drives me nuts. Then they cut most of the scene where they are talking about the Semi-Finals. All because Yusuke wanted Genkai to throw another cigarette. The lines I expected cut was the conversation between Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Boton about cutting classes. I guess they don't want to give any one out there any ideas.

12. Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls

1. Kazemaru's Swastika tattoo is removed

2. Floating characters removed when Shorin/Rando starts his chant of reduction

3. Yusuke's “What the hell” Change to “What the heck” in response to Kuwabara being shrunk

4. Scene where Shorin/Rando systematically breaks every bone in the shrunk Kuwabara's right arm – CUT

5. Kuwabara's “Please, no more!” begging Shorin/Rando to stop – CUT

6. Yusuke's “You bastard” changed to “You monster” describing Shorin/Rando treatment of the defenseless Kuwabara (ie breaking his ribs)

7. Yusuke's “Oh my god, Kuwabara!” changed to “There he is, Kuwabara!” after finding him and Shorin/Rando's restoring Kuwabara to his normal size

8. Yusuke's “What the... What the hell is this” changed to “What the... What the heck is this” seeing the power up for Shorin/Rando's Sickle & Tornado attack.

9. Yusuke's “Well, that's what happens when you piss me off.” Changed to “Well, that's what happens when you tick me off.”

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