The Edit List
Yu Yu Hakusho 30 & 31

by Mike Majeski,
30. Dragon of the Darkness Flame

1. In Recap – Scene where Roto cuts the face of the submissive Kurama in a spray of blood changed to the scene where Kurama plants the seed of the Death Plant.

2. In Recap – Close-up of Roto changed to a close-up of the Death Plant Sprout.

3. In Recap – Close-up of Kurama changed to a Close-up of Roto reacting to the Death Plant.

4. In Recap – Scene of the Death Plant Sprouting from Roto's Body changed to an earlier, less bloody version.

5. Demon Fan's “Pull your head out of your ass!” changed to “Pull your head outa there”

6. Sakyou's cigarette removed.

7. Scene where Zeru puts his hand through Hiei's stomach and out his back – CUT.

8. Gondawara's “Well in the unlikely event I were betting on a team like that, I'd be pretty damn pleased with them now, don't you think?” changed to “Well in the unlikely event I were betting on a team like that, I'd be very pleased with them now, don't you think?” after Zeru's attack on Hiei

9. Zeru's “What a weak thing! You can rest in hell.” changed to “What a weak thing! Rest in Oblivion.”

10. Scene where Chu walks into the arena with a bottle in one hand and the bodies of his teammates in the other – CUT.

11. NOT AN EDIT – The close-up of the 2 dead Rokuyukai team members being dropped by Chu left in (Not overly important, but it establishes the starting point to the next edit)

12. The scene, starting at the dead R team members and panning up Chu ending at his face cut to remove Chu's Bottle.

13. Chu's “Ah crap... It's bright out here.” changed to “Ripper... So there's the ring.”

14. Scene where Chu finishes off his bottle (of nondescript alcohol) – CUT.

15. Chu's “Hey will you explain and—uh tell those guys not to run away again. There's a fight to fight. You know it's not my fault I killed em.” changed to “Hey someone should tell those blokes to watch where their going if their gonna run. They bumped into me and I think I knocked them out.”

16. Scene of Chu dropping his bottle and it breaking in front of the Dead Rokuyukai team members while Chu says, “Oh, bloody... someone put a small wall in the way.” – CUT.

17. Chu's “Okay, upsee-daisy” changed to “Now we give em the old heave ho” as Chu tries to get into the ring and fails.

18. Chu's “Hey no need to make the ring taller! Let's just have some fun! It is bright here.” changed to “Okay, so climbing in ain't exactly my forte'. It's no matter, it's fightin' that counts.” After he falls to the ground.

19. Boton's “Oh dear... A drunk madman's escaped to the ring.” changed to “Oh my... Isn't he a little clumsy to be a fighter?”

20. Chu Burping in Koto's face – CUT.

21. Koto's “Doesn't matter how many die. Each teams allowed only one alternate fighter... ” – CUT.

22. Koto's “Prick.” changed to “Jerk.” Describing Chu.

23. Boton's “What could you be worried about? He's the alternate fighter, and secondly he's a lush!” changed to “What could you be worried about? He's the alternate. So that means he's the weakest member of their team, right?”

24. NOT AN EDIT – Hiei reflecting “Even when he killed his teammates, I couldn't feel his strength.” Left in (Strange, in the edit, Chu admits to only knocking them out)

25. Chu's “Let's go you sooks. I wanna get a good brawl in before my fun wears off... In that case they better fight me all at once!” changed to “Let's go you sooks. I didn't trudge all the way down here just to listen to myself yabber... come on, which of you pansy's wants to give it a whirl”

26. Yusuke's “Waking up from the smell of alcohol... Can't help but feel a touch of home.” changed to “Man, you got a mouth on you. How's a guy supposed to get any sleep around here?”

27. Kurama's reflection “After all the explosions, a stink wakes him.” changed to “After all the explosions, this is what wakes him.”

28. Yusuke's “Hey all you stupid demons! I've been trying to sleep through your clever trash-talk long enough and I'm ready to kick some asses!” changed to “Hey all you stupid demons! I've been trying to sleep through your clever trash-talk long enough and I'm ready to kick some tail!”

29. Chu's “Right, basically it's that I'm a really ace person, and the only thing I suck at—Is paper rock scissors!” changed to “Right, basically it's that I'm a really ace person, and the only thing I stink at—Is paper rock scissors!” trying to describe how he got the alternate position.

30. Demon fan's “What the hell's he saying?” changed to “What the heck is he saying?”

31. Koto's “Let me try to translate for the drunkard here.” changed to “Let me try to translate for our Aussie friend here”

32. Demon fan's “Come on! This substitute fighter's a pathetic drunk!” changed to “Come on! This substitute fighter's a joke!”

33. Chu's “This substitute fighter's a pathetic drunk, uh?” changed to “This substitute fighter's a joke, uh?”

34. Chu's “Damn thing could happen to any bloke.” changed to “Same thing could happen to any bloke”

35. Scene where Chu jumps back down to the arena floor with a fans Bottle – CUT.

36. Fan's “Hey, that's my drink” – CUT.

37. Chu's “Ah, this is plenty great! You don't think I can fight either, do you? Well let me tell you something mate! I, uh, I'm like a master of drunken fighting!” right before he drains the bottle he stole – CUT.

38. Chu's “Suiken Technique—that's the official name I think. You get distracted by my irregular moves. Crap of craps it's bright out here!” changed to “Yeah, that's right. So far you've been trying to size me up and you still don't know what to expect, do you? It's all part of the game, ain't it?”

39. Boton's “Listen to this joker—he's insane” changed to “Do you have any clue what he's talking about?”

40. Kuwabara's “Well I know from school seminars drunk driving kills people—Maybe drunk fighting's kinda the same thing.” changed to “I think he said he's acted like an idiot to throw us off guard. But it would be kinda stupid to tell us that.”

41. Yusuke's “Yeah wobbly, give me a break... So the tipsy fighting thing might be weird but I've still heard of it before. You better have somtin' else to make this a real challenge. I didn't come all this way to baby-sit a drunk.” changed to “OK, let see what you got. And hey, at least try to make this a challenge, will you? That is if you can stop running your mouth off long enough to fight. I didn't come all this way to listen to you yabber, either.”

42. Chu's “Then wait a minute... you won't yabber that once I hit my groove. 'Course, I got to stumble into it first.” changed to “Alright then. Then try to keep your eyes on the prize, then boy.”

43. Chu's “We're going to enjoy this.” – CUT.

44. In Preview – “Don't forget, we haven't seen Yusuke in action since his three months of training with the psychic Genkai, and I'm sure he'll need every one of his learned lessons to handle this strange drunken threat. Will Chu get a hangover? I leave that as a cliffhanger!” Changed to “Don't forget, we haven't seen Yusuke in action since his three months of training with the psychic Genkai, and I'm sure he'll need every one of his learned lessons to handle this strange outlandish fighter. One things for sure: it's going to be a ripper!”

And thus is introduced Chu. He will be the source of more edits (more like rewrites) than any character before. It may seem Muyuki was on the screen for about the same amount of time and generated more edits. Unfortunately for Miyuki, Chu is going to have five times the amount of screen time.

Now, on to the edits. As you probably figured out by now, Chu is a Master of a Martial Art known Drunken Boxing. I think he called it “Suiken Technique.” If I understand this form properly, you confuse your opponent with irregular movements by acting drunk. Chu takes this to an extreme by Getting Drunk. Actually the more Chu drinks, the stronger he gets. And as you probably already know, Toonami will never show such a vice. It's episodes like this one that I wish Yu Yu Hakusho was still on Adult Swim.

31. Stumbling Warrior
1. In Recap – “But a new opponent, loudmouthed and drunk,” changed to “But a new opponent, loudmouthed and unruly,”

2. Demon fan's “Yes! Blood! Blood!” changed to “Hey! Get that kid!”

3. Koto's “Ever so slowly the crowd is calming down. And it seems the same for Chu—Why—his previously glazed over eyes could almost be called sober!” changed to “From the looks of it. Chu has finally dropped his clown act in favor of a serious fighting stance. You heard him say it, maybe there is more to him than meets the eye.”

4. Shizuru's cigarette removed.

5. Kurama's “At last he shows himself... I've never sensed spirit energy of this kind!” changed to “At last he shows himself... He's been masking his spirit energy all along!” as Chu begins to power up.

6. Chu's “Watch carefully... I want to know what you think of my stumbling little feet.” changed to “Right then, here we go. What say I start off slow like, Don't wanna lose you to fast.”

7. Rinku's “Finally! Chu's Started acting serious!” changed to “It's about time Chu Started acting serious!”

8. Yusuke's “What the hell is with this guy?” – CUT.

9. Scene where Yusuke takes one massive punch to the face and then 4 smaller ones – CUT.

10. Yusuke's “Damn!” – CUT.

11. Yusuke's “Kuwabara—Do me a favor and shut the hell up!” changed to “Kuwabara—Do me a favor and shut your face”

12. Scene where Yusuke's punch lands on Chu's cheek – CUT.

13. Kuwabara's “Alright!” in reaction to Yusuke landing a punch – CUT.

14. Scene where Chu belches and the collapses – CUT.

15. Chu's “Hey Foxy, can you give me a hand? Right, I still need another one!” – CUT.

16. Koto's “Let me translate again... As with all Suiken Fighting Masters, Chu gets more effective the more he drinks. I believe he's asking us to be more patient while he acquires the rest of his clumsiness!” and Chu's “Exactly!” – CUT.

17. Sakyou's cigarette removed.

18. Chu's “Come on now kid! I thought you wanted to see some challenging techniques! Haven't done nothin' bonzer yet.” changed to “Tough luck kid! I guess you won't see any of my challenging techniques. Didn't even have to break a sweat!”

19. Yusuke's “That's good drunkie. We finally found something in common.” changed to “Now your talkin', sounds like we both got the same idea.”

20. Scene where Chu laughs at Yusuke and then says, “Everyone's shoutin' at ya now, but you wanted a fair fight!” then laughs again, loses balance and suppress the urge to vomit and says “I think that terp I drank wants to come back and say hello.” – CUT.

21. Yusuke reaction to Chu's dilemma – CUT.

22. Chu wipe his face and says “Right, it's about time” – CUT.

23. Rinku's “And so soon!” changed to “Wow, it's all over!” in reaction to hearing that Chu is going to use his Secret Technique.

24. Scene where Chu reaches around his back and pulls out a flask – CUT.

25. Chu's “This... Is the Strongest alcy ever made... It's called Ogre... Killer.” – CUT.

26. Koto's “Oh yeah people that's some strong stuff... Take a sip of that and you'll wake up in jail the next morning... in the arms of a hairy demon you really don't want to know.” – CUT.

27. As Chu drains the flask, Koto says “And he's definitely taking more than a sip!” – CUT.

28. Scene of the empty flask hitting the ground – CUT.

29. Koenma's “This Ogre Killer... I take it that's not something you drink for nutritional value.” changed to “I got a bad feeling. I'm worried to think what kind of trick Chu has up his sleeve.”

30. Ogre's “No sir, not if you consider... The liver damage.” changed to “But Koenma, sir. He's not— wearing sleeves.”

31. Koenma's “This one worries me... Drinking it as if to reach some darker beast inside of him.” changed to “Oh, don't be so literal. I mean I'm afraid we're about to see a much darker side to this demon.”

32. NOT AN EDIT – Chu covers his mouth and runs to the edge of the ring.

33. The sound of Chu Vomiting changed to Chu saying “A bit of a head rush there”

34. Koenma's “Tell me he didn't!” changed to “You got to be kidding!”

35. Rinku's “Oh Brother! I need to start telling Chu to bring a bucket or something when he uses his special technique... It happens every time!” changed to “Oh brother! You know that wind up would be much more impressive if he didn't always hyperventilate. Happens every time!”

36. Koenma's “I can't believe apparitions pay money to see this filth... ” changed to “And here I was worried about dark powers, what a buffoon... ”

37. Koenma's “I wonder if vomiting was Chu's secret technique?” changed to “Let's hope that Yusuke can finish this before it gets any more ridiculous.”

38. Koto's “Need anything Chu? A wet towel maybe?” changed to “Need anything Chu? A paper bag maybe”

39. Rinku's “He may feel pretty terrible now, but actually Chu's becoming invincible! His secret technique isn't the drink, of course. It's the true form the drinking brings out.” changed to “I know it looks silly but now he's powered up. Chu's pretty much invincible! So you'd better be ready 'cause as soon as he catches his breath this move is going to turn you into toast!”

40. (In Flashback) Boss Demon's “And I'll knock you flat on your ass whenever I'm in the mood!” – CUT.

41. NOT AN EDIT - (In Flashback) Rinku takes a kick to the Head left in.

42. (In Flashback) Scenes where the demon gang beats up Rinku – CUT.

43. NOT AN EDIT - (In Flashback) Demon gang members crushing Rinku into the ground with their feet left in.

44. (In Flashback) – Scene of Chu taking a drink from his bottle, wincing, and then saying “ That crap's awful!” as he throws the bottle at the Boss – CUT.

45. (In Flashback) – the scene where the Boss knocks away the bottle – CUT.

46. (In Flashback) Boss's “Who the hell are you?” changed to “Who are you?”

47. (In Flashback) Chu's “Say how'd you pick this place, kid? Their Terp smells like piss... ” changed to “Just keep sitting tight there kid. I'll take care of this.”

48. (In Flashback) – Scene where Chu says “Guess I'll have to drink it in bulk.” As he punches open a nearby keg.

49. (In Flashback) – Scene where Chu grins and then drains the Keg. Then dodges to thugs attacks – CUT.

50. (In Flashback) – Scene where Flying heads cover the screen (some still have spinal cords) – CUT.

51. (In Flashback) – Chu's “Helluva Party!” changed to “See ya around boys! It's been ripper!”

52. Kurama's “Suddenly he's sober again... Alcohol does not affect him in the normal way... Somehow it serves him as a catalyst.” – CUT.

53. Boton's “How odd... So the chemicals in those drinks actually bring out his energy.” – CUT.

54. Koto's “Chu proves resilient after his hacking spell—ready to fight again!” changed to “Chu proves resilient after his dizzy spell—ready to fight again!”

55. Hiei's “If you look closely I bet you can see alcohol actually mixed in with his energy.” changed to “It seems like he's had enough of playing the fool and is going straight for the win.”

56. Close-ups of Chu and Yusuke taking punches to the head – CUT.

57. Yusuke's “Dammit!” – CUT.

*Stares blankly at 'puter screen* I have to admit, Before seeing the start of this episode, I was going between hoping for the best (very few edits) and dreading the worst (A complete rewrite.) I can tell you that it could have been worse. There were a few surprises. In the flashback, I was surprised to see as much of the demon gang beating up Rinku (even though they did cut out 1/2 of it). Before, Toonami shied away from showing violence against kids. But this was tied so closely to the story line that they felt they had to include it. Too bad they didn't feel that way during the Genkai Tournament.

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