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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 54

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 54: Hiten Versus Shukuchi

1) Blood from Kenshin's neck wounds digitally removed as he stands before the door to Soujirou. (This edit is again inconsistent as the blood keeps turning up during the subsequent battle.)

2) Shot of Soujirou thrusting his tantou at the head of Okubo in the flashback shortened.

3) Shishio's wine digitally colored blue. (Kool-Aid in the Meiji era.)

4) Shot of blood spray across a black screen after Soujirou slices Kenshin's back cut.

5) Brief shot of Kenshin falling forward under the impact of Soujirou's strike to his back cut.

6) Shot of Kenshin's foot sliding across the floor over spatters of his own blood cut.

7) Blood digitally removed from shot of the tip of Soujirou's sword.

8) Senkaku's "I would have been killed by Lord Shishio by now and drowning all the way down to Hell in a pool of my own blood..." changed to "I would have been killed by Lord Shishio by now and drowning all the way down to Hades in a pool of my own sorrow..."

9) Blood spray digitally removed from the back of Senkaku's head as Soujirou kills him.

10) Rivulet of blood removed from shot of stream following Senkaku's execution.

11) Red color digitally removed from stream as Senkaku's corpse sits beside it.

12) Droplets of flying blood digitally removed from Soujirou's next strike against Kenshin following the Senkaku flashback.

13) Saitou's cigarette digitally changed into a toothpick.

14) Scene of Soujirou getting struck across the face with a bokken in his flashback shortened to exclude shot of actual impact.

15) Flash shots of sword blade dripping with blood cut from Soujirou's flashback.

16) Shot of Soujirou standing amidst the corpses of his foster family shortened.

The next episode doesn't look promising. Given what they edited out of these little hints at Soujirou's past the full strength version we'll get isn't likely to survive in any coherent form.

Kyle Pope

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