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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 55

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 55: The Tragedy of a Stormy Night

1) Shot of Soujirou being knocked through a set of sliding doors and into the yard by the Patriarch cut.

2) Shot of Patriarch drinking from a jug of sake while berating Soujirou cut.

3) Patriarch's "What the hell are you smiling for? changed to "What the heck are you smiling for?"

4) Shot of Patriarch throwing the sake jug and hitting Soujirou in the head cut.

5) Blood digitally removed from Soujirou's head as he kneels before the family.

6) Sound of death scream replaced with grunt of effort as Soujirou wipes his forehead at the well.

7) Second death scream replaced with martial arts kiai as Soujirou runs off to investigate.

8) Shot of Shishio chopping off a cop's upraised arms then cleaving him in half as Soujirou peers from between the buildings cut.

9) Shishio's "You're dead!" changed to "You're history!" as he approaches Soujirou.

10) Long shot of Shishio and Soujirou with two dead cops in the foreground replaced with close-up of Soujirou sitting back against the building in front of Shishio.

11) Shot of Soujirou's flashback to Shishio dismembering a cop cut from Soujirou admiring Shishio's strength.

12) Shot of Little Brother taking a puff from his pipe after Big Brother chops the rice bale in half cut.

13) Shot of Patriarch yelling "Come here, boy!" as he approaches Soujirou to punish him for destroying the rice bale cut.

14) Soujirou's "And I did cry when they beat me." changed to "And I did cry when they were mean to me." (This edit occurs right after Shishio asks about Soujirou smiling after being beaten. So why change Soujirou's

15) Soujirou's "Even if it hurt. Even if I hated it" changed to "Even if I felt bad. Even if I hated it."

16) Patriarch's "Damn that Soujirou to hell!" changed to "Darn that Soujirou!" after he draws his conclusion about the missing bandages.

17) Scene of Soujirou getting hit across the face by Big Brother shortened to remove instant of impact and blood spray.

18) Shot of eaves of roof over sounds of Soujirou being beaten as Patriarch yells "You no good ingrate bastard!" cut.

19) Blood sprays digitally removed from Soujirou's mouth as he lies gasping on the ground after being beaten.

20) Shot of Big Brother waving his sword over Soujirou while yelling "I'll kill you!" cut.

21) Little Brother's "I don't think that a kid being killed with him around these parts would look too suspicious" as the family discusses the risks of killing Soujirou cut.

22) Big Brother's "You got it! One dead brat coming up!" as Little Brother eggs him on to kill Soujirou cut.

23) Big Brother's "I'll kill you!" muted from mix of voices running through Soujirou's head as he awaits his fate.

24) Scene of text over a negative image of Soujirou's face shortened.

25) Shot of Patriarch yelling "Kill the swine!" as Big Brother takes off after Soujirou cut.

26) Montage of shots of Soujirou running through the darkness crying desperately for help cut.

27) Soujirou's flashback to Shishio killing the cops just before Little Brother's death scream cut.

28) Shot of family cowering and screaming as Little Brother's head lies in the foreground cut.

29) Bloodstains on Soujirou's clothing as he comes out from under the warehouse digitally decolored.

30) Scene of Shishio eating in the warehouse as Soujirou slaughters his family shortened. Sounds of family's death screams and of metal cutting through flesh muted from soundtrack.

31) Shot of Shishio opening the warehouse door to see Soujirou standing amidst the corpses of his family cut.

32) Glowing blood digitally removed from Soujirou's blade as he stands in the rain.

A lot of people were afraid of what would happen to this episode. And it seems they were right. The brutality that characterized this episode and the past that turned Soujirou into the emotionless killer we know was nowhere to be found. In this case the edits required to make this episode kid friendly had a profound effect on the dramatic impact episode was supposed to make.

Kyle Pope

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