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Blue Gender 21-24

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 21: Joker

1) Shot of dismembered and disemboweled corpses of Second Earth troopers cut from montage of post-battle shots of the spaceport.

Given how it seemed they were lightening up on the violence edits why bother editing this episode at all.

Blue Gender 22: Dogma

1) Pan up corpse of gutted trooper shortened as Yuji and Marlene ride towards Tony's position.

2) Rick's "Holy shit! Marlene! Yuji! Above you!" changed to "Hey! Hey! Marlene! Yuji! Above you!" as he spots the Blue gathering in the gallery.

Other than the language edits this episode could have been left alone as well.

Blue Gender 23: Soliste

1) Rick's "Christ! I know that!" changed to "I know that!" as Marlene dresses his wound.

2) Shuttlebus pilot's "The medical station... Holy shit! All units evasive!" changed to "The medical station... All units evasive!" as the medical station starts moving.

3) Shot of Blue's initial impact against Rick shortened as he drives himself and Alicia to safety.

Given the speed of the scene of Rick's death, edit #3 seems like a waste of time and money to me.

Blue Gender 24: Compass

1) Shot of guard's body falling to the floor and bleeding profusely after Amick stabs him cut.

2) Shot of Doug falling to his knees while clutching his abdomen after Miyagi shoots him cut.

3) Long edit... All shots of Yuji and Marlene having sex replaced with extended scenes of them kissing during the montage of their respective memories.

After episode #15 it was clear this episode was due for major modification as well.

Kyle Pope

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