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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 58

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 58: The Age Chooses Shishio?

1) Blood stream digitally removed from Kenshin's shoulder as he falls back after Shishio bites him.

2) Bloodstain digitally removed from the corner of Shishio's mouth as he stands waiting for Kenshin to recover.

3) Shot of blood dripping next to Kenshin's foot as Shishio explains the way of the world cut.

4) Spray of blood across Soujirou flashback as Soujirou cuts down the Little Brother under the warehouse cut.

5) Bloodstains digitally removed from Soujirou's clothing as he crawls from beneath the warehouse.

6) Blood digitally removed from the back of Kenshin's hand as he clutches his sword during Shishio's speech about Soujirou.

7) Blood digitally removed from Kenshin's arm and shoulder as he is blown back by the detonation of Shishio's glove.

8) Not an Edit... No pupils digitally added to Kenshin's eyes as he lay in shock after the explosion.

9) Shot of Saitou's sword tip striking the center of Shishio's forehead cut.

10) Shot of white-eyed Shishio with Saitou's sword tip at his forehead cut.

11) Splash of blood digitally removed as Shishio slashes Saitou across the thighs after his first Gatotsu fails.

12) Shot of Saitou's thighs with bloody slashes across the bandages cut.

13) Growing bloodstain digitally removed from shot of Saitou's bandaged thigh.

14) Shishio's "Why don't you and the Battousai reminisce about the past in hell" changed to "Why don't you and the Battousai reminisce about the past."

15) Shot of Saitou crouching just before he launches a second Gatotsu cut.

16) Blood digitally removed from Saitou's bandages as Shishio shoves him back after the second Gatotsu fails.

17) Not an Edit... Blood left on Kenshin's arm as Sanosuke looks down at him.

18) Shot of Saitou crouching before launching a third Gatotsu cut.

19) Blood digitally removed from Saitou's bandages as he charges Shishio.

20) Blood splash digitally painted white as Saitou launches his zero style Gatotsu.

21) Shot of blood dripping between Saitou and Shishio's feet as they are locked together cut.

22) Shot of Shishio's fingers wedged into Saitou's shoulder and subsequent shot of Saitou coughing up blood cut.

23) Shot of Shishio and Saitou locked together with blood spraying from the back of Saitou's shoulder cut.

24) Shot of Shishio pulling his fingers out of Saitou's shoulder just before he detonates his remaining glove cut.

25) Sanosuke's "Damn you! Bastard!" changed to "Why you! Ugh!"

26) Sanosuke's "I don't give a damn about my life!" changed to "I couldn't care less about my life" as Shishio taunts him to run away.

27) Sanosuke's "I'll be dragging you down to hell with me!" changed to "I'll be dragging you down to Hades with me!"

28) Blood digitally removed from Saitou's shoulder and the ground around it as Shishio gloats over his body.

29) X-ray shot of the bones in Sanosuke's hand shattering as his punch connects with Shishio's face cut.

30) Shot of blood spraying from Sanosuke's forehead as he slumps against the wall cut.

31) Blood digitally removed from the ground between Sanosuke's legs as he slumps against the wall.

We've reached the climax of the Kyoto arc and the way things are looking a good portion of it will be left on the editing room floor. We've got an ugly fight coming up and they'll probably be a lot of it we're not going to see.

Kyle Pope

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