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Yu Yu Hakusho 57 & 58

by Mike Majeski,
57. Beneath Bui's Armor

1. IN PREVIEW – Blood from Kurama's wounds removed.

2. In the pull out shot from Yusuke and Kurama, after the Official Announcement of the winner, the bloodstains on Kurama's cloths have beeen removed.

3. Juri's “Hold it, I'd like it if you remove your hand!” – CUT. (cut mostly because of Yusuke's next line)

4. Yusuke's “I'd like you to remove your head from your ass, but I don't see that happenin' anytime soon!” – CUT.

5. Juri's “Jerk ass!!” changed to “Jerk face!!” to Yusuke after telling him how Kurama could have lost the match.

6. In the Video Replay of Karasu and Karama's match, the shots of Karasu's final attack are cut out. This includes Koto's line “So far, this rerun has yet to reveal anything we didn't already know, though it is cool to watch the blood splatter in slo-mo!”. The scene picks up after Kurama is already down and Juri starts her count.

7. In Video Replay, all traces of blood have been removed from Kurama's clothes.

8. In Video Replay, the shot of Kurama trying to gather energy for his last attack, while dripping with blood, exchanged for 3 other shots shown in rapid succession, all with blood removed.

9. NOT AN EDIT – As Yusuke helps Kurama to his feet. The bloodstains on Kurama's clothes have been left in. (Probably because it's not bright red like in previous shots) NOTE: from this point on, those bloodstains will be left in.

10. In the scene in which Sakyo says that he has already granted Hiei's wish. First all the blood has been removed. Second, all the dismembered bodies have been put back together. (this was, obviously not a small patch job considering every body had something ripped off of it.) And the axe was removed from the body in the lower right corner of the shot.

11. As Toguro says how Hiei would not be invited to return, Sakyo's cigarette was removed.

12. As the Elder Toguro jumps into the ring to go next, Sakyo's arm has been moved from in front of his chest (holding a cigarette) to by his side.

13. Koto's “Then again, Hiei has proven on numerous occasions that kick-ass things come in short packages, too!” changed to “Then again, Hiei has proven on numerous occasions that violent things come in short packages, too!”

14. Yusuke's “What the hell? So it's just there to look pretty?” changed to “What the heck? So it's just there to look pretty?” asking about Hiei's bandaged arm.

15. In the shot of the girls reprimanding Blue Ogre for his suggestion that Hiei take advantage of Bui's momentary weakness, Shizuru's cigarette is removed.

16. Yusuke's “If it contains it, then why the hell would he take it off him?” changed to “If it contains it, then why the heck would he take it off him?” talking about Bui's armor.

17. IN PREVIEW – Yusuke's “So it really sucks that those stupid morons in control gypped us out of a point.” changed to “So it's pretty lame that those stupid morons in control gypped us out of a point.”

You know, it's getting real hard to write these little tid-bits at the end of the YYH Edit List. I mean, after 56 episodes, there isn't much that needs to be commented on. But this episode has one exception, when they showed the fate of the Tournament Committee. That was a fairly big job considering the amount of carnage shown. Most times they would have cut out such a scene, or maybe replace it with a less graphic one previously aired. But in this case, neither of these options where available.

58. Wielder of the Dragon

1. Hiei's “You're the next sacrifice to the Dragon of the Darkness Flame.” changed to “You're the next good meal, for the Dragon of the Darkness Flame.”

2. In the panning shot of the crowd, the part where they pan across the girls is cut because of Shizuru's cigarette.

3. Yusuke's “Damn! Who is this Bui bastard?” changed to “Ahh, this guy's incredible” talking about Bui's attempt to stop the Dragon of the Darkness Flame

4. As Bui is being pushed around the stadium by the Dragon. Removal of the blood that squirts out of the scar on his forehead.

5. Koto's “It's hell in a basket, and I love it all!” changed to “It's complete chaos, and I love it all!” Talking about Hiei's Dragon incinerating the weaker spectators.

6. The close-up shot of Bui's face as he tries to hold off the Dragon – CUT because of the blood squirting out of his forehead.

7. Flashback about how Bui got the mark on his forehead (Courtesy of the Younger Toguro) – CUT.

8. Bui's “Hiei first, Toguro soon after!” after he claims victory over Hiei – CUT.

9. In Flashback – The shot of Toguro punching Bui in the forehead – CUT just before the blood coming out of the wound.

10. In Flashback – In the close-up of Bui's face, all blood has been removed. (Hold on, with this edit, it eliminates the tie to Toguro's punch and the scar on Bui's forehead)

11. In Flashback – Bui's “He kept me at his side while I trained hard to kill him.” changed to “He kept me at his side while I trained hard to beat him.”

12. Bui's “Come on, hurry up and kill me.” changed to “Come on, hurry up and beat me” to Hiei (Uhm... didn't Hiei already beat him at this point?)

13. Hiei's “No. If you want to die, kill yourself” changed to “No.” in response to Bui's plea.

14. IN PREVIEW – The close-up of Shizuru, her cigarette is removed.

15. IN PREVIEW – The shot of Kuwabara getting stabbed by the elder Toguro's fingers changed to a shot of the elder Tugoro.

16. IN PREVIEW – In the close-up of Kuwabara, the blood from the corner of his mouth has been removed.

17. IN PREVIEW – In the last shot of Kuwabara, the blood from his puncture wounds has been removed.

Ok, I guess I have something to write about this time. Lets start off with the scar on Bui's forehead. The censors eliminated the first scene showing how he got it because of the blood it showed. Then the second time they show it, they eliminate all traces of blood. So, in the Toonami version there is little or no tie between the scar on Bui's forehead and the Toguros.
Then, during Bui's plea to Hiei, we have a sudden taboo of the word “Kill”. I find this odd, especially considering that the terms of death and killing have been steadily used for the last 30 or so episodes. And not to mention that the writers killed off a major character only 6 episodes ago (Genkai), and Karasu's demise 2 episodes ago.

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