Letter from the Editor

by Christopher Macdonald,

Over the years, Anime News Network has evolved with many additions to become the rather comprehensive website it is today. When the site was first launched in 1998 it was no more than a simple news feed with a few articles about anime news every month. Since then, addition after addition was made to the website. First there were the reviews, then the forums, then columns, and in 2002 perhaps our most magnificent addition, the Encyclopedia. In 2008 we made another significant addition, the video platform. But one thing remained constant through the years, with all the additions, we still have that simple list of news articles, but I daresay, our news reporting has improved over the years. In fact, virtually every category of service we've ever added to the website remains a part of the website today... with improvements of course.

Starting in the very near future, you will start seeing a few new changes and additions to Anime News Network. Today I'd like to talk to you about the first two changes that we will be making. First up, we will be launching a new “casual newsfeed,” which will feature the lighter side of anime fandom. The purpose here, quite frankly, will not be to inform you, but rather to entertain you. Instead of articles about DVD sales figures and the latest updates on new anime, this newsfeed will present articles about the latest otaku fad in Japan and related funny stuff you can find on the Internet. In other words, it'll be fun to read.

Our other impending change is less about new content, and more about the promotion of existing content. The front page will be altered slightly, and a new section added to the site with the intent of promoting featured editorial as well as new video.

The addition of a new casual newsfeed and a minor layout change are in no way the extent of our upcoming changes. As you already know, we're investing considerable effort into our burgeoning video platform, and there will also be a number of improvements being made to existing features of the site, and other new features that will be added to the site in the coming months. Anime News Network is in for a host of changes over the next year and a bit. In fact, in 24 months, if you compare the new ANN with the ANN of today, you might hardly recognize the site. But, just as we've never abandoned our roots over the last 12 years, everything we've always done will always remain an important part of ANN. You'll always be able to come to ANN for the latest breaking anime news, there will simply be many more reasons for you to visit the site. Be sure to tune in to this week's ANNCast where I will talk a bit more about why we're making these changes, and I'll also introduce another change that we'll be making in the very near future. Finally, ANNCast will also “introduce” the editor in charge of the new casual newsfeed.

I hope that all our loyal readers, along with new readers, enjoy everything that is to come.


Christopher Macdonald

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