Letter from the Editor: A look at the (near) Future - Interim 1.0

by Christopher Macdonald,

A few weeks ago I informed you about a number of upcoming changes to ANN. The first change to be introduced to ANN will be the addition of our new interest feed, which will go live tomorrow. As I previously mentioned, the interest articles will bring you a daily feed of interesting and entertaining articles related to anime.

Another feature that will also be launching tomorrow will be something we're calling the “main feed.” While the interest feed will reflect our commitment to new content, the main feed is actually a layout change, but it's one of several upcoming layout changes that we're pretty enthused about.

The main feed will be ANN's new home page, it will aggregate content from all over the site into a single feed. At launch, it will only aggregate the news, the interest feed and some other content that we chose to post directly to the main feed (such as new streaming anime). Over time, the main feed will come to aggregate all of our editorial content as well, including the reviews, columns, convention reports and so forth.

Another feature of the main feed is that, once we add a few more items to it, we will allow you to customize it to your liking. If the latest silly anime fashion trend isn't your thing, you will be able to turn off (or reduce) the presence of the interest feed. Likewise, if you really don't care about Navarre's quarterly earnings, you'll be able to turn off the news.

The last interesting tidbit about the main feed is the addition of icons & topics to make it easier for you to see, at a glance, what kind of content has been posted since your last visit. This may not be particularly important right now, with only the news and interest articles being aggregated into the main feed, but it will make the feed much more navigable in the future when it includes all the other ANN content.

Here's a screenshot of what the main feed would look like right now if it was active. Of course, the only articles on the front page right now are news, but in the future, you'll see icons for different article types:



(Columns & Editorials)




Encyclopedia Updates

Press Releases

(streaming from ANN)


Now, I admit these icons may not be the prettiest in the world, so I wanted to ask you for a favor. Do you think you could make a set of icons for us?

Even if creating icons isn't your thing, hop on over to the forum to let us know what you think of the new changes. This is only an interim layout (meant to move us towards our final layout later this year), and we'll be adapting the final layout based on your feedback on these gradual changes.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new content and our new look.

Christopher Macdonald
Editor in Chief
Anime News Network

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