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Anime News Network's new "main feed" layout (discussed here) needs some spiffy new icons. Are you up to the task of creating them for us?

We need 10 icons to replace the following:



(Columns & Editorials)




Encyclopedia Updates

Press Releases

(streaming from ANN)


Each icon must be 50x30 (50 pixels wide, 30 pixels tall) and a PNG. You may submit your entry as one PNG with all the icons on it in a grid (please label them). Please use the same color scheme as the 10 icons above.

We're hoping to select a single set of icons that have a matching style, however we may break sets up in order to "mix & match" certain icons.

While it is preferable, it is not necessary for you to create a complete set of 10 icons. You may submit entries with anywhere from 1 to 10 icons.

There is no prize for this contest, merely our undying gratitude and the pride of having your work displayed on ANN to millions of visitors every month.

Please note that the icons can not include any sort of copyrighted or trademarked symbols or characters, or anything that is associated with another website, company or publication.

Update: We've decided to add some prizes to this. For each icon we use, the winner will get a DVD set. If we chose a complete set from one designer, that designer will receive 10 DVD sets. We'll post the complete list of available sets on Friday. Further more, all selected icons will have their designers' names permanently credited on a page on the site, along with other contributors to the site.

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