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In ep 2 around 15:43, the seiyuu for Satou and Suzuki is reversed for the one scene.

In ep 4, around 06:20, Chise goes on about building a website to attract attention to their club, just like in Suzumiya Haruhi. She then talks about putting gravure pictures on the site like how Haruhi wanted to upload Mikuru's photos.

In ep 11 Nozomi is shown dancing on the youtube like niko niko douga website.

In ep 13, around 8:25, Chise makes a comment about Touma's imagine breaker right hand from "Toaru Majutsu no index," in which the VA for Chise did the voice for Index as well.

Much of the beginning of episode 8 is a parody of the mahjong anime series 'Saki'.

In episode 2, you can see Chise's figures that were provided from Vocaloid, Little Busters!, K-On!, Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei and many other anime, manga and game non-well known works.

In Episode 6, Takumi and his friends are on a ride in Chise's private jet was actually a US Military Jet Stealth Bomber

In Episode 6, Fumino, Nozomi & Chise's pose is a parody of any few sentai series

In Episode 6, Takumi and his friends are on a trip to Egypt and Mount Everest summit in Nepal, Takumi saw a Himalayan Langur Monkey wondering and Takumi calls Fumino that he saw a Himalayan Langur Monkey and Fumino kicked Takumi.

In Episode 7, Grand Braver mecha episode is a parody of an mecha anime Gravion/Gravion Zwei and God Sigma, Brave Kaiser is a parody of Gran Kaiser from Gravion/Gravion Zwei, Great Gran Braver(Grand Braver & Chizuru's mecha) is a parody of Sol Gravion

In Episode 7, Great Grand Kaiser's final attack is a parody of G-Compatible Kaiser's strongest attack from the PS2 game Super Robot Wats OG

In Episode 8, the game Super Blocks they playing is based of the game Jenga.

In Episode 11, Fumino's eye uses her power is a parody of GEASS power from the anime Code GEASS

In Episode 11, Ieyasu's red armor is a parody of Saint Seiya

In Episode 11, around 4:07~4:10, shown the 2 uniforms from different anime series are Seigaku T-Shirt from the Prince of Tennis and Shohoku Basketball Jersey from Slam Dunk

In Episode 12, at the costume race, Nozomi did a cosplay Tony Tony Chopper, one of the characters of One Piece, while other players did the cosplay of Usopp & Luffy also in One Piece

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