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In the ending sequence of the 2nd ep, there is a ET reference as the bike is flying across the sky.

The anime was originally developed for 13 episodes, but only 12 will air on TV. The anime's home video release will include the unaired 13th episode.

At th end of ep 11, a reference to the movie 5 cm per second is made.

In the begining of the 12th ep, Touwa is comically being abuducted by an alien while wraped in her futon.

The theme of Makoto riding his bicycle throughout the show while Erio (who thinks of herself as an alien) is sitting in the front basket is a parody of the 1982 science fiction movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”.

In Episode 1, when Meme calls home at night (approx. 17:17-17.25) she calls Niwa, Shin-chan which in response Niwa answers 'He hasn't made it into the Nohara family'. Shin-chan is the main character of a long gag series 'Crayon Shin-chan' and Nohara is Shins' family name

In episode 1 at about 04:18, Makoto comments on his aunt's strange first name after receiving her business card. She then tells him that it's her real name but he can call her “jojo” if he likes. The first name of Makoto's aunt is written as “女々” using Kanji characters. The character “々” indicates that the character before it must be repeated when pronounced. Her name can, therefore, be written as “女女” which can be pronounced as either “meme” or “jojo” since both “me” and “jo” are acceptable readings of the character “女”. Incidentally, the character “女” literally means “woman” so having a first name that literally translates to “woman woman” is probably a reference to the feminine charm of Makoto's aunt.

In episode 3, the scene at about 19:13 where Makoto loses control of his bike as he drives down a steep road is a parody of the same scene in the 2006 anime movie “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time). The name of the main character in that movie was Makoto as well.

In episode 3, at about 16:16, Makoto states roughly "I'll smash that illusion of hers!" while clenching his left fist. This is a reference to Tōma Kamijō from Toaru Majutsu no Index and his ability, Imagine Breaker.

In episode 4 when Meme and Erio are tagging onto the bike (roughly 20:25 into the show) Niwa says 'About 5 centimeters per second' a reference to a short movie also called 5 centimeters per second

In episode 5, the television in the checker bored roam seems to be playing the last scene and credits from "Whisper of the Heart".

In episode 8, around 23:46 where the rocket explodes and the Meme's Grandmother is screaming resembles how Nozomu Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei cries out in despair.

In Episode 9, when Erio and Niwa are out to stargaze, approx 16:00 in, Erio is running around shouting "Fumoffuu." It is a reference to Full Metal Panic - Fumoffuu, where Sagara has a suit that he can only say Fumoffuu in it

in episode 10 at around 2:56 Maekawa walks into frame dressed as an alien from the movies Alien

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