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In ep 11, when Tatsuya Himekawa is speaking on the phone, there are grapes in place of where a apple should be on his iphone.

The school principal's hat looks like Luffy's straw hat in One Piece.

In episode 16 when Furuichi is taken through a dimensional gate (approx 1:50-2:00 in the show) he says 'Dear Mom' in the same way as Takashi Kamiyama from Cromartie High School starts every episode. In addition both series have a similar setting about a high school that is full of delinquents

In Episode 26, when Oga Tatsumi is "training" Yamamura Kazuya to develop an "electric finishing move", Oga Tatsumi made Yamamura Kazuya yell "Jowa" complete with a mock copy of "Spacium Kosen". "Jowa" sounds like what an "Ultraman" utters when it flies away.

In Episode 38, at Furuichi Takayuki`s house, Lord En is surprised at the different game system he hasn`t seen before, called "Playstephanie 2", an obvious parody of the famous console "Playstation 2". The game they are playing on it called "King of Fridays", is a parody too of the famous fighting game "The King of Fighters".

In Episode 41, Lord En is browsing for games on the streets of Akihabara. One game that catches his eye is "Street King of Fighters 4", it is clearly a parody and a combination of the two famous fighting games: "Street Fighter" and "The King of Fighters".

In Episode 45, Tanimura Chiaki chose the net game "Streaking of Fighters IV" as a start to search for Lord En`s whereabouts online. This game is a clear parody of "Street Fighter".

In Episode 47, while chatting online with Lord En to bait him into telling his whereabouts, Furuichi Takayuki and the others used Lamia`s name. Kanzaki Hajime added into one of the girly-girly messages the line: "...Let`s To Love-Ru Darkness." "To Love-Ru Darkness" is a harem type anime involving aliens and day to day happenings in school life.

In Episode 47, Saotome Zenjuro gives Oga Tatsumi and Beelzebub matching uniform outfits: a Gi and a diaper. The colors and emblems looks like from "Dragonball Z."

In Episode 49, since its a New Year Special, the cast of Beelzebub used a parody plot of "Gensomaden Saiyuki." One scene involving Furuichi Takayuki, claiming that since he has a head band then he is the main character "Son Goku" (just like in "Gensomaden Saiyuki"). Although the setting is parodied from "Gensomaden Saiyuki", for a moment Furuichi Takayuki looks literally like "Akira Toriyama`s" version of "Son Goku" in Super Saiyajin mode.

In Episode 56, while deliberating on what name they will call themselves as a group, Kanzaki Hajime suggests "Houkago Yogurt Time." He parodied the name of the band "Houkago Tea Time" from the anime "K-On!".

In Episode 56, Himekawa Tatsuya is wearing a parody costume of a "Gundam". Natsume Shintaro is wearing a parodied costume of "Kamen Rider Ichigo" as well.

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