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Some of the idol characters are coincidentally named after Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyers from World War Two.Kisaragi (Chihaya) and Yayoi (Takatsuki)are from the Mutsuki Class Destroyers.Hibiki (Ganaha)is from the Akatsuki Class Destroyers.Akizuki(Ritsuko) is from Akizuki Class Destroyers. (Azusa) Miura is from the Tachibana Class Destroyers.The Azusa is never completed at the end of the war.

The Futami Twins seems to struggle on speaking the English language.Every time Ritsuko orders something to the Futami Twins they reply "Yes Sir!" instead of "Yes Ma'am!".

Based on the scenery shown during the beginning of episode 1, Amami Haruka lives in Ninomiya, Kanagawa Prefecture; which is located some 70 Kilometers from central Tokyo along the Tokaido line.

In episode 1, Haruka Amami went inside a convenience store called "Lowson" and met Makoto Kikuchi reading a magazine. "Lowson" is a parody of a popular convenience store in Japan called "Lawson".

In episode 7, at around a little less than 10 minutes, Yayoi's siblings have a doll on the ground. This is a doll that looks very much like Haruka Amami.

In episode 7, Iori Minase has a pet dog named "Jean Valjean" which is named after the main protagonist of Victor Hugo's novel "Les Miserables".

In episode 15, there's a scene where Haruka attempts to open a box but she can't open it then all of a sudden she was hit by the box lid on her face as it opens which made Chihaya laugh hard. This scene is a re-enactment of a viral video which features the two voice actresses of Haruka and Chihaya (Eriko Nakamura and Asami Imai respectively) which Eriko Nakamura also attempts to open a box and also hit on the face which made Asami Imai laugh hard.

In episode 24, Haruka together with her imaginary younger alter ego is riding on a train. Next to her there's an advertisement poster of Makoto endorsing "Porari Sweat". "Porari Sweat" is the parody of a popular soft drink called "Pocari Sweat" which is manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

765 Pro's name is a pun. The original game was made by Namco. Spoken, 765 Pro's name is said "NAMUKO Pro", because of NAna (7), MUtsu (6), and KO (5) (Ko is the basic form of the syllable "go").

961 Pro's name is also a pun. 9 is "Ku" (off of kyu), 6 is "ro" (short for roku), and 1 is "i" (short for ichi). Put all together, it spells Kuroi Pro, and Kuroi means Black, a fitting name for the rival, underhanded agency.

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