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It appears Yuuta is a fan of early NACA/NASA experimental aircraft as he has posters of three vehicles on his wall of his bedroom: the Bell X-1, the Lockheed NF-104A and the North American X-15.

For some reason, only Dekomori Sanae and Takanashi Rikka are the only people that wears a frilly skirt.

In episode 1 at about 16:32, Rikka says the “Konami Code” before choosing a drink from the vending machine. The Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) is a cheat code that can be used in many Konami video games.

In episode 1 at about 16:48, the drink that Rikka buys from the vending machine is labelled “Mr Peter”. This is a parody of the famous American soft drink “Dr Pepper”.

In Episode 2, from 3:37 onwards, Rikka explains she found a cat (which she named "Chimaera", like that mythological creature), and uses the sentence "GET da ze!" when saying she "captured it". "GET da ze!" is a catchphrase of Satoshi/Ash in the Japanese version of the Pokémon anime series, the equivalent to the English "Gotta catch 'em all!".

In episode 2 at 18:15 Rikka says "It's Dangerous to go by yourselves. Take this." before handing the cat over. This is a reference to the beginning of the video game "The Legend of Zelda" when Link recieves his sword from an old man who says "It's Dangerous to go alone! Take this." It may also be referencing "Dangerous Kitten" which is a meme of the same line from the video game 

In Episode 3, Dekomori Sanae mentions that she is the same age as the "Second Children" and "Third Children", a clear reference to the anime "Shinseiki Evangelion".

In Episode 4, Sanae Dekomori "casts" the character Lina Inverse's trademark "Dragon Slave" spell from the "Slayers" print and animated series.

In Episode 5, upon arriving Dekomori Sanae greets Takanashi Rikka and the latter told her that there is an emergency. Dekomori Sanae asks if the emergency is "Pattern Ao" (this is a reference to the anime "Shinseiki Evangelion" whenever an "Angel" attacks). Both Takanashi Rikka and Dekomori Sanae followed suit, by facing one another in a circular stance while humming "Decisive Battle" (the theme from "Shinseiki Evangelion" which can be heard most notably during "Yashima Sakusen").

In episode 10 at about 21:09, Rikka starts singing the song “Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi wo” (見上げてごらん夜の星を). The song was first performed in 1963 by the famous Japanese singer Sakamoto Kyuu (坂本 九) and was a big hit that year. A cover of the song by the Okinawa band BEGIN was used as the ending theme for the 2003 animated version of the manga series “Futatsu no Spica”.

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