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References to the old Japanese folk tale of Taro Urashima can be found throughout the series such as the names of Keitaro and Mutsumi and the amount of turtles.

According to Keitaro himself (not mentioned in anime, but on actual print in a handbook in the DVD box), the speed of Narusegawa's fist when she punches him is roughly mach 44.1

According to the dictionary, Japanese "hina" (ひな, 雛) means a chick, a cheeper, a chicken, and a brood.

Moreover, "hina" is an abbreviation for "hina-ningyou" (雛人形). Hina-ningyou are the special dolls which are displayed only on March 3, the day of Girls' Festival (hina-matsuri 雛祭り).

According to the dictionary, Japanese "hinata" (ひなた, 日向) means a sunny place.

Seta's car plate number is... R2-D2!

Tokyo University (Toudai) is arguably the most prestigious school in Japan. It could be compared to American Ivy League Schools as Harvard.

Production IG has made great strides in using computers with anime. The actual animator's drawings were still drawn by hand, but then the drawings would be scanned into workststions and colored. The backgrounds were also digitally painted. The entire show would be recorded onto a videotape, rather than using fillm

in one episode, they copied or did the part of a story of 'saiyuki' or 'the journey to the west'.

In one episode, when Motoko opened one of the doors, a boatload of Pikachu mini-statues have run her over!

In episode 8 when Shinobu transforms, its a obvious parody of Sailor Moon right down to the hand signs.

In episode 8 the game system that Keitaro is playing is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

In episode 12, Keitaro and the gang except Motoko who is wearing a dress and Haruka who is wearing a helmet are wearing World War Two era military uniforms. Mitsune is wearing a German officer uniform with cape, Shinobu is wearing a pre-war French infantry uniform, Kaolla is wearing a Japanese infantry uniform, Naru is wearing an American infantry uniform and Keitaro is wearing a British 8th army tropical uniform.

In episode 12, at around 10:46, 'Kaora Su' uses a, "Kame(Turtle) seek radar". This is a refrence to the "Dragon Radar" from the series, "DragonBall".

In episode 14 when Keitaro was in the manga studio, he was actually working on one of Ken Akamatsu's earlier works, A.I. Love You.

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